Top 5 Most Played Mobile Games in India during 2020-21

With the COVID-19 pandemic, about 53% of young Indians spend their time playing mobile games. This case is apparent with new advancements in mobile gaming, grabbing this large share of Indian gamers.

Among the Indian gamers, men share the most percentage. They primarily play action/adventure games on their mobiles and shooter first-person, which is quite popular.

However, it doesn’t matter what game you like most; you can always find a game that will fit your taste and needs. But, as you may probably know, the game’s quality is crucial. With trustworthy websites like, you can find the best Indian online casinos and mobile games.

Here are the five most played games in India as of now;

PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile game is the biggest game that has emerged in 2020. As Sensor Tower reported, this game has made sales of about $2.6 billion from both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

In addition, the number of users has continued to increase, and for now, the figure is 64% higher than in 2020. Sensor Tower Intelligence has even rebranded its PUBG version in China called Game for Peace. Therefore, they have been making the highest revenues from the Play Store and Apple Store in India.

PUBG became a hit when it was among the 118 Chinese apps banned by India in September 2020 due to a few national security issues.

But even with this, the game has found its way back in India as Battleground Mobile India. You can get this app on Google Play Store now for your registration.

Free Fire

This game is also popular and among the most followed games in India. With PUBG mobile games needing expensive phones for one to enter in competing top-tier levels, the Garena Free Fire Mobile game supports low-end mobiles. These attributes made it famous, and it has captured a massive amount of online viewership.

Free Fire was awarded for the Best Popular Vote Game in 2019 by Google Play Store. By 2020, Free Fire had more than 80 million active users in the whole World.

Free Fire has many YouTube channels in India where they explain how to play this game, its pros and cons. Even though it’s not on the same level as PUBG Mobile, it’s still a fantastic game keeping the Indian young people busty.

Call of Duty

While most young men are gamers, the top competitive games are the Battle Royale titles. Call of Duty is a mobile game designed by the American company Infinity Ward.

It has World War II as its setting, making it possible for its users to see the war through the perspectives of American, Soviet, and Britain soldiers.

This game has never hit heights of similar titles in India, but it has made its name in this community. Moreover, it allows a variety of multiplayer options adding spice to the competitions.

Big organizations in India such as GodLike Esports and SynerGE have Call of Duty mobiles groups in their ranks.

Moreover, with the announcement that there would be a qualifier in India in the World Championship 2021, Indians celebrated, increasing the number of people playing the game.

Ludo King

Ludo King is a mobile game that is free in India developed by Indian Studio Gametion Technologies.

It’s available on iPhones, Androids, Windows phones, and Microsoft Windows. It is the first Indian game to have over 500 million users and is constantly ranked in the top five by Apple and Google Play Store.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, the number of downloads increased, making Ludo King reach the top charts of the ranking yet again.

It has surpassed top games such as Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, and Candy Crush Saga, the main active games in India.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go asks players to build a small team of monsters to battle other monsters in a quest to be the best. It’s divided into different types, such as water and Fire, with each having various capabilities.

Satoshi Tajiri developed this game in 1996, but it has not had great sales. Luckily 2020 became its best year after accumulating sales of 31.5%. This growth was due to the developers’ changes, such as VR simulation, appropriate for the lockdown.

Although it has been there for a long time, it has not lost its popularity and outstanding features of impressing young people.

Young people know how to deal with boredom, especially during this period of lockdown. They have considered the above games, which have made their time worthwhile. And so can you.

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