Top 10 Celebrities Coloring Pages for Kids of all Ages

The world of celebrities visualizes glamour and entertainment and the celebrities have been taken from the stages to the pages of colouring books to enable kids of all ages to have fun and fond memories. So, discussed in this article are the top 10 celebrities coloring pages that kids of all ages will find interesting. Let’s get started!

  1. Michael Jackson Coloring Pages

Michael Jackson was crowned the king of pop and an influential legend. Even in death, his celebrity status still resonates among people of all ages due to his singing and dancing styles. In these coloring pages are images of the music artists and his musical lifestyles. Michael Jackson images include; Michael Jackson close-up, performing on the stage, wearing a hat and Michael Jackson classic dance performance. 

  1. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) Coloring Pages

Dwayne Johnson is a popular professional wrestler whose ring name is “The Rock” and also known as one of the strongest actors in America’s Hollywood. Aside from wrestling and acting, he is a businessman. He is loved by kids of all ages due to his wrestling ability and fame. The coloring pages depict diverse great images of the rock as an actor and wwe wrestler. The rock images will fascinate boys of all ages.

  1. Justin Bieber Coloring Pages

Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer is one of the most popular music artists in the world who have sold millions of albums in his musical career. Some printable coloring pages of Justin Bieber are; young Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber singing, Justin Bieber live performance, playing the guitar, cute Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber standing, Justin Bieber undercut hairstyle, Justin Bieber love hearts.

  1. Vin Deisel Coloring Pages

Mark Sinclair, also known by the professional acting name Vin Deisel, is a Hollywood actor and producer. He is one of the famous actor in the popular movie, fast and furious as Dominic Toretto. He believes that he is a person of color due to his biological background. Many kids, especially boys are familiar with the famous fast and furious series and will definitely have a memorable time coloring the lovely images. These coloring pages features Vin Deisel images such as; Vin Deisel Camaro cars, fast and furious images, Vin deisel jacket, Vin Deisel close-up image, Dominic Toretto jacket and other stunning images that kids will have fun coloring.

  1. Shakira Coloring Pages

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, also known by her stage name as Shakira is a popular Colombian pop singer, dancer, producer, song writer, businesswoman, UNICEF ambassador and philanthropist. She is regarded as the queen of Latin music. These coloring pages will appeal to girls who love pop stars and their dancing styles. They will definitely love coloring the images using different colors to bring out the beauty of Shakira. Beautiful Shakira, Shakira dancing with her waist and other grand images of Shakira as a popstar.

  1. Beyoncé Coloring Pages

Beyoncé Knowles popularly called Beyoncé or Queen B is a famous American RnB singer, actress, producer and songwriter. She was the lead singer of the famous group, Destiny’s child. She featured in many singing and dancing competitions as a teenager. Beyoncé coloring pages feature her images such as; Smiling Beyoncé, Beyoncé performing on stage, Beyoncé dancing, Beyoncé lemonade, Beyoncé and JayZ and other awesome images of Beyoncé to be colored in different shades.

  1. Kim Kardashian Coloring Pages

Kim Kardashian is an American model, socialite, media personality and business woman. She is also regarded as a superstar due to her versatility in the media world. Kim Kardashian as a reality TV star, social media influencer and entrepreneur has a female fan base and these coloring pages will appeal to girls who adore her and look up to her as a role model. Kim Kardashian cute smile, beautiful Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian face, Kim Kardashian sketch and other outstanding images of Kim Kardashian that kids can color during their coloring activities.

  1. Mr. Bean Coloring Pages

Kids definitely love the comic character, Mr. Bean who gives them hours of laughter. He is an actor, comedian and known to be able to play humorous roles in British movies. Although, his roles and funny adventures are awkward to many fans but give great humor above all. In His movies, he is an adult that acts like a child. The animation TV series for kids was launched in 2001 and has a huge fan base, these coloring pages will keep kids busy and remembering the character, Mr. Bean. Images in the coloring pages include; Mr. Bean reading a book, Mr. Bean in a car, Mr. Bean and teddy, Mr. Bean and his landlady, Mr. Bean running after scrapper, Mr. Bean contesting in a marathon, doing laundry, attending a fair and funny Mr. Bean that kids can find interesting while applying the different colors.

  1. Angelina Jolie Coloring Pages

Angelina Jolie is a famous actress, humanitarian and filmmaker who has played many roles in movies. She is known as one of the most powerful and influential personalities in America. She has received accolades for her humanitarian efforts in promoting diverse causes across the globe. Kids, especially girls, will love to color images of Angelina Jolie who played maleficent in a popular movie. The amazing coloring images of her looking beautiful, gorgeous and smiling will make kids take out time to color away in the fun activity.

  1. Taylor Swift Coloring Pages

Taylor swift is known as the number one pop artist in America. She is a singer and songwriter in multiple genres of music inspired by her personal stories. In these coloring pages are various images including; Taylor swift short hair, lovely-looking Taylor swift, wearing sunglasses, playing Cinderella, wearing a hat, performing on stage, American popstar, Taylor swift wearing warm clothes, Taylor swift and friends, holding a microphone, Taylor swift posing, Taylor Swift wearing a full length gown, performing at a concert and wearing a dress.

With the above details on the top 10 celebrities, kids have a great time coloring their favorite celebrities and engaging in their favorite activity. Have fun!

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