Tips to gain real and loyal Instagram followers in 2021

In today’s world, there is no one who does not know Instagram. Today, social media has over 1 billion monthly users. This creates a huge opportunity for content creators and marketers to build their Instagram presence and gain followers. These followers can eventually be converted into potential customers.

However, building an Instagram presence and gaining followers is not an easy task. Most people are worried about how to get more followers who are real and genuine. 

This article covers some tips and tricks which will help you gain followers.

Focus on the bio

Your bio is the first thing anyone who comes to your profile sees. This is a crucial part of influencing your audience. Make sure your bio is compelling and encourages people to follow you.

Apart from your website and contact details, you should also tell the story of your brand in an engaging manner. Only saying the kind of business you have will not make it stand out. You can put a one-line description of your man to make it more appealing.

Develop and maintain an Instagram brand personality

Once you’re done with the bio, the next thing you have to focus on is the Instagram feed. The moment someone checks your feed, they make a decision as to whether they like your brand or not. Therefore, maintain consistency in terms of the tone of voice, colours and the type of posts that you put up. The consistency should be so smooth that the moment the person looks at a post, they should know it is from your brand.

Optimize the captions

This is an important part of any and every Instagram follower guide. When you write captions, make sure that they encourage the audience to comment. Captions should be such that they start a discussion. You can also ask your followers to tag their friends and use captions to promote discounts or offers. Remember to tell the story so that it is engaging.

Participate in conversations

Only starting a conversation is not enough. You should also participate in ongoing conversations. If there is an ongoing discussion, you can comment and join in. People who like your comment can check your profile and follow you.

Monitor the tagged photos

People can see which type of posts you have been tagged in from your profile. Therefore, monitor who is tagging you and the kind of post where you are being tagged.

Get local

If you use local hashtags or geotag your post, you can influence the local users. Geo-tagging helps you conduct local SEO for Instagram. This will also help Instagram show your content if someone searches Instagram using location search.


Hashtags are very important on social media. Hashtags are how influencers get famous through social media. Research which hashtags are trending and are relevant to your brand. Use a mix of these hashtags to reach people who have similar interests.

Promote your branded hashtag

You can have a brand or campaign-specific hashtag. These are a great way to improve your presence on Instagram and promote campaigns. A campaign-specific hashtag encourages people to use the hashtag in their own content. This gets you user-generated publicity which will expand your reach further

A few other useful tips and tricks which you can use to gain loyal Instagram followers would be:

Use the above-mentioned tips to get started on building real followers. 

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