The Power of Instagram Views: Unleashing the Potential for Personal Branding and Business Growth

In the social media world, Instagram has emerged as a visually appealing platform that is no longer considered merely a photo-sharing app. Today, it has become a powerhouse platform for personal branding and business growth, where one can connect with potential customers directly, reach new clients, and gain more business opportunities. Instagram views are one of the crucial metrics to get success on the platform. Keep on reading this post to unlock the potential of views for personal branding and better business growth. 

How views on Instagram can help with personal branding?

Instagram is a good choice to get started with your personal branding efforts or increase your brand. Views are important to make your account and brand stand out from the crowd. When users notice lots of views on your page, they will get attracted to it and are encouraged to follow you on Instagram. Views help in reflecting your credibility, authenticity, and creativity. The more views you receive, the more credible you appear to the audience.

Creating and uploading varying types of content on Instagram will attract more people. Instagram allows you to create stories, reels, carousel photo posts, live videos, single photo posts, and videos. Using a mix of multiple sorts of content will make people connect with your account and share your content. Increased view count can also open up monetization opportunities through partnerships and collaborations for your personal brand.

How views can help with business growth?

Gaining authentic views on your Instagram posts is an excellent way to showcase your brand’s personality and credibility to potential customers. The more views you get on your Instagram live event and other content, the more trust and credibility your business can develop with followers.

By creating stories to show a behind-the-scenes look at your company and your team, you can drive potential customers and provide an inside look at your company. This can eventually bring increasing traffic to your business website and convert them into loyal Instagram followers and customers. Better engagement with the target audience and market can eventually benefit your business with brand loyalty, boosted sales, and higher business growth.

Tips and tricks to gain more views on your Instagram account.

  1. Optimize your Instagram account

Start with optimizing your Instagram account to get more views because your profile is the first thing that users noticed first. Make sure that it should reflect your brand personality and industry. To optimize your account, switch it to an Instagram business account and use your brand logo as your profile picture. Mention significant and relevant links in your bio along with appropriate keywords. Try to use your business name as your Instagram username.

  1. Know the Instagram’s algorithm

Understanding Instagram’s algorithm is essential to get more views organically. Once you optimize your profile, know how the algorithm works and how it measures the content to bring it to the explore page and users’ feeds. Create content using keywords, topics, hashtags, and other elements similar to those used by your competitors to drive a similar audience.

Never try to outsmart the algorithm using fake views or shady tricks. Suspicious practices get easily noticed by the algorithm and can result in negative consequences. Gaining unreal views can make the algorithm not show your content on the news feeds of other users.

  1. Post Instagram stories and reels

Posting more Instagram stories can help you get more views on your account. Stories will appear for 24 hours and can be posted multiple times daily without being spammy. Stories are extremely engaging so you can gain more views by adding polls and asking questions in your stories. You can also include additional features such as a countdown sticker, a location tag, etc. in your stories. 

Don’t limit your Instagram posts just to stories, instead, experiment with reels – a popular short-form video content on the platform. You can create reels about insider tips for your industry or niche, checklists, bloopers, etc. to increase your Instagram views. Be sure that the reels you create focus on entertaining and educating your audience as people mostly look for informative, interesting, and inspiring content on Instagram.

  1. Experiment with shoppable posts

Instagram comprises a feature to tag a specific product with a link directly to your online shop or store. You can use this feature if you wish to redirect your audience to your online store. When any person comes across your shoppable Instagram post, they can tap on the picture to check out your product and directly visit your website to buy products. Creating shoppable posts helps drive more views, gain better leads, and create instant sales for your business.

  1. Engage with your audience

Regular interaction and engagement with the target audience are important to get more views on Instagram and develop a good relationship with the audience. Be genuine when interacting with your audience and regularly respond to their comments to let them understand that you care for their engagement. Create a loyal Instagram community by asking your users relevant questions or creating polls in your stories. Also, respond to your audience through DMs as it is likely to encourage them to share your content to others.

  1. Go with collaborative posts

Instagram has another feature ‘collaborative post’ to gain new followers. Instagram collabs or collaborative posts enable 2 or more accounts to co-author posts. You can upload a piece of content and invite another Instagram creator as a collaborator. Your post will be automatically shared with followers of both accounts once another creator accepts your invite. Since your post appears on their profile, it increases your post’s visibility.

  1. Host campaigns and contests

Organizing contests and campaigns is beneficial in attracting new users to your account. Hold contests that encourage UGC (user-generated content). You can ask your audience to comment on and like your post, use a certain hashtag, or tag a friend. It will expose your page and brand to more users online, gaining more views. 

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