The Different Types of Product Packaging That Brands Use Today

Are you struggling to find the perfect way to present your new product? Do you have an idea, but you’re not sure how to bring it to life?

There are over 2 million online retailers in the U.S. today. They present each of their products in a unique package.

When designing packaging for your product, it’s essential to consider how it will impact your customer’s experience.

Here are several product packaging options used by brands today.

Why Does Packaging Matter?

Packaging is your chance to make a great first impression. The look and feel of your product’s presentation can increase its perceived value in your customer’s eyes.

Have you ever watched an unboxing video? Great packaging has become trendy in the e-commerce industry as influencers film the experience of unpacking their new products.

Consider packaging as part of the product development process. Your choice will depend on cost, shipping requirements, and which packaging best suits a product. Generally, types of product packaging include boxes, bottles, cans, and plastic.

Consider the Environment

A savvy customer will love product packaging made from sustainable materials. Your brand’s design and quality are important, but many of today’s consumers are looking for environmentally conscious companies. How you reflect that in your choice of packaging can influence their perception of your company.

Boxes Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Paperboard boxes are lightweight and may be custom shaped to create a unique style. They are great for rapid prototyping.

The box material you choose will depend on the needs of your product and your presentation preferences. They are perfect for tailor-made packaging.

Reuseable Bottles and Cans

When your product is a liquid, a bottle or can is a great packaging choice. Jars are a similar choice because they allow a customer to open and close them repeatedly, which is an advantage to many companies.

Aluminum cans hold many carbonated drinks and are widely recycled. A metal can is strong and remains sealed for years, making them a great choice for keeping food for a long time.

Consider the Flexibility of Plastic

Plastic packaging comes in many grades and is often recyclable. The advantage of clear plastic packaging is that it allows the customer to see the product from many angles. It’s flexible, lightweight, and can protect perishable products.

Clamshell packaging will protect and promote your product. You can use a stock design or have one custom-made for you.

Paperboard boxes are sturdy, but plastic pouches are lighter, saving shipping costs. They’re commonly used to wrap flowers, magazines, and food products.

Be Confident With Your Product Packaging 

When you are aware of the importance of product packaging, you can consider the advantages of each type. When you consider how your customer will use your product, it narrows your choices even further.

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