The difference between time tracking and time and attendance

In a workplace, tracking time is an essential part to track dedication. Employees have to swipe their cards to mark their attendance for the day. This method records minimum employee work hours and also notes over time. 

This method is a part of workforce management. The system is known to consist of two categories; time and attendance and project tracking system.

Many people also make use of a clocking app to manage their attendance, etc. 

In this article, let’s look at the difference between time tracking and time and attendance. 

Employee attendance and time tracking

When paying employees for their work hours, you need an efficient time calculator to record employee hours. 

This method ensures that employees do not work unauthorized extra hours and work at least minimum hours on projects. Through this method, they are paid according to their working hours. The system also notes vacation days and off days for employees.

Through this system, the total time of employee dedicated hours are noted in real-time. In addition, minimum hour registers, over time, can be recorded for each employee. 

When paychecks are prepared, timesheets are used to ensure that employees are paid fairly.

Through the apps, employees can request vacation days and days off, either approved or denied by the management.

Employee presence 

Through the apps, management can track which employee is present and which employee is on leave. 

Through these apps, you can also use different settings for different departments and use them according to the preferences of other employees.

Time and attendance are used for proper registration of attendance, lunch breaks, etc.

Time and attendance solution 

The first thing to do in this matter is to prepare paychecks for the employees. For this, you have to follow the state working time rules. 

For this, you have to show that your employees are not working overtime. Meaning they shouldn’t be working over the hours set by the state. Moreover, according to the law, you have to show that your employees are given proper vacations and breaks. 

Your employees should use time clocking apps to show when they are coming to work, when they are leaving, and when they are on leave. 

Using All Hours, employees file for their leave requests using the web app or the mobile app. The administrator then rejects or accepts the leave. For efficient work, there should be a different administrator for every department.

This way, proper records can be recorded, and everything is done fairly and appropriately. 

Project time tracking 

Project time tracking is used to check how much time an employee is spending on a single task. This tells you when an employee is present and what they are doing in their working hours. 

Using all hours, you can give tasks to your employees and check if they are doing them promptly or not. These can be used to produce invoices for clients as well. 

This feature can also be used to ensure every employee is working efficiently and no one is slacking. 

Wrapping it up

Now that you understand the differences between time tracking & time and attendance, it’ll be easier for you to choose the right software solution for yourself and your business.

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