The cricket Bengal Tigers

There is a part of Asia that is truly passionate about cricket. Certain countries such as India or Pakistan have quite powerful teams and a large follower base. Another team that has been an interesting squad throughout the years is the team from Bangladesh. This team, also known as the Bengal Tigers, is an excellent reason to try online betting from 1xBet and wager on it.

This team was the tenth one to be recognized with Test-status. All of this meant that the squad was able to face other excellent teams in challenging but exciting matches. While success hasn’t come fully yet, there are many reasons to look forward to what this team will look like in the future. There are many challenges and matches ahead, which are featured from the online betting 1xBet platform, where users can try to bet.

The beginnings

The history of the sport in Bangladesh is closely tied to the history of the country itself. Many decades ago, what is currently known as Bangladesh was called East Pakistan. Back then, there were several Bangladeshi teams that competed in Pakistani local competitions. Currently, both countries have separate championships, all of which are accessible at online cricket betting is available on 1xBet platform.

After East Pakistan became Bangladesh, the country built a national squad of its own. During 1977, the International Cricket Council made Bangladesh an associate member. This meant that it could start participating in high-level cricket competitions from all over the world. In 1979 the first ever ICC trophy was celebrated, where fifteen squads participated in total. Currently, all ICC competitions are available on the 1xBet online cricket betting platform, which is the portal with the best odds in the market.

Recent years

After its consolidation as a team, the reality for Bangladesh has been anything but easy. There have been a few negative records for the squad. For example, the squad has endured some long losing streaks. Yet, it has recovered from them, meaning that visiting to wager on it can be highly profitable. So far, these losing streaks include:

It should be noted that Bangladesh has recovered since those difficult moments. For example, it has been able to defeat squads such as Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and even England. Every future match that Bangladesh will play, regardless of its rival, is featured at the 1xBet platform, which offers profitable wagering options.

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