The Complete Guide To The Essential Ostomy Accessories You Should Probably Have

Yes, I just said; “probably”. And that’s because no matter how essential these ostomy accessories are, the decision of whether you need them or not is made after an indication from your surgeon post-surgery. So, if you’re here, I hope you already have your surgeon’s prescriptions and just want to find out what these accessories do for you. For the skimmers, some of these ostomy accessories such as this stoma support belt here function as enhancements to your pouching system. Meanwhile, others will help to protect your skin from adhesives, some helping to reduce or prevent odor. To get the full scoop, scroll down to see me introduce you to some of these should-haves. 

Starting with… 

Barrier Rings 

A ring-like little device that is either made of plastic or rubber so it’s comfy when in contact with the skin. Here’s what they do. Barrier rings bridge the gap between the skin barrier opening on your pouching system and the stoma point. These rings also serve as skin protection gears, especially for patients with sensitive skin. But be careful when purchasing one as some of the makes out there can be rather discomforting or made with PB-based materials. 

Lubricating Deodorant 

Often than not, a pouching system with a filter system does the ventilation work required to prevent odor. But most times, there’s the need for additional aid. And that’s where lubricant deodorants come in. Now, these shouldn’t be your regular lubricant deodorant as most of them contain carcinogenic chemicals that can easily sip in through your stoma. You may either get a recommendation from your surgeon or get the Brava Liquid Lubricating Deodorant Drops from your store. 

Stoma Powder 

This is a must-have if you’re jumping right back to your busy day-to-day after surgery. But it also gets in handy during hot climates when sweating is inescapable. So, a stoma powder is, of course, a powder that absorbs moisture from the skin when applied. Think of it as the automatic towel that whisks away sweat off your stoma area. And it’s safe. If you’re seeking recommendations, I give thumbs up to Adapt™ stoma powder.

Stoma Paste 

So, a typical stoma paste is a caulk that creates an even surface to the skin. Picture this. You try wearing your pouch and then you notice a slight or really obvious inconsistency around the area where you want to wear it. What do you do? Well, get a stoma paste and apply it directly to fill the uneven contours of the skin, and voila, you’re set to use your stoma wafer or pouch perfectly. Another thing about these pastes is that they serve as a reliable seal that allows your stoma pouching system to stay on longer. 


Ostomy Belts 

Use these for added security. And you only need to use one at a time. The thing is that these belts hold your pouching system in place, and that includes even when you are engaged in athletic activities throughout the day. But remember to choose your ostomy belt wisely. For the best purchase, scroll back to the top of this article, see the intro, and spot where I recommend a source for quality ostomy belts.

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