The Complete Guide to Picking Oral Surgeons: Everything to Know

Did you know that there are more than 9,000 oral surgeons in the United States?

An oral surgeon operates on the mouth and jaw. Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed or jaw realignment surgery, you’ll need to seek out an oral surgeon for the procedure.

Oral surgery is a life-changing experience, and you will need a professional to provide you with the best care possible. Consider the following factors when picking oral surgeons to ensure you get the best oral surgery experience.


First, ask a friend or a professional for advice. If they haven’t already given you a referral, your dentist is an excellent example of someone you could approach.

It’s also a good idea to consult your friends or relatives. You will hear about true encounters with the surgeon, which will help you decide if the surgeon is right for you.

Online Research

If neither your friends nor family nor your general dentist can recommend an oral surgeon for you, turn to the internet. There are many websites that rate surgeons and their workplaces, but keep in mind that you should take a grain of salt when reading online reviews.

A surgeon who is all business may be seen as having no bedside manner, for instance. The fact that the same expert is all-business to someone else makes them brilliant.

Websites can also provide you with background information on the doctor. You undoubtedly have access to information about education, experience, professional affiliations, and more.


Age and experience aren’t everything, but they are reliable signs that the people handling your affairs are experienced and safe. Be careful to consider the surgeon’s experience level when choosing one.

However, don’t dismiss a more youthful and experienced oral surgeon. They may make up for any experience they may lack with their understanding of the most recent methods.

It is recommended to select an oral surgeon with extensive experience. For the best results, the specialist should have a lot of experience with the type of treatment you want.

You should keep looking if they haven’t finished the process. You can even request particular instances when possible surgeons carry out the procedure you want.

Education and Training

Consult with an oral surgeon who has the necessary knowledge and training. The dentist should have completed academic and practical training at an authorized dental school. Being a member of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is another requirement for the oral surgeon.

Due to the ongoing advancements in dental technology, oral surgeons must attend continuing education courses. Therefore, you should inquire regarding the specialist’s most recent coursework.

Career Achievements

Examine the credentials of any possible oral surgeon you are considering hiring. Are they well-known in their community or have they received any honors?

The fact that their work has been acknowledged is sufficient proof that they are reliable and professional; they don’t even need to be well-known among their peers.

You should select an oral surgeon who is an authority in their profession. To begin, look at their website to see whether they have articles published in journals related to medicine and dentistry.

A surgeon who belongs to several dental organizations showed that he or she is eager to advance in the industry. Keep an eye out for diplomas, honors, and affiliations with specialized organizations.


A top-notch oral surgeon will manage a reputable business.

The surgeon should also be well-known among other dental experts and have a valid license to practice in their state. You want a specialist who stays connected to other doctors and oral surgeons.

Visit to check out a reputable practice with top-rated oral surgeons.

Treatments Offered

Find a surgeon with experience performing the procedure you require. Orthognathic surgery, often known as jaw alignment surgery, is distinct from dental implant surgery.

Numerous websites offer specialized assistance. Try a different search if the doctor’s specialties aren’t stated; many will just say “oral surgery” or something similar.

Be sure to look for the doctor. Find a website for the doctor’s office or the hospital where he or she practices. These locations might offer a brief bio of the doctor as well as a list of specialties.

Clean, Modern Practice

Looking around an oral surgeon’s office will give you a better sense of whether you should hire them. If everything looks neat, modern, and up to date, it’s practically a given that they are keeping up with the most recent developments.

This is something to keep in mind. If it’s going to affect your smile, you want to be very certain that they are up to date!

Additionally, you should choose a practice you won’t have any trouble getting to. You should find an oral surgeon who is within driving distance and has time for you because you never know what kind of post-operative care you could require.

Insurance and Payment

This is an easy one to forget if you’re more focused on the actual procedure, you’ll be receiving. Always check to see if the oral surgeon you choose has a payment plan that works with your insurance if you have any.

Don’t be afraid to call and ask if your insurance is accepted before visiting the office. If your insurance isn’t accepted, it’s safe to mark that surgeon off your list and start researching the next.

Use These Tips When Picking Oral Surgeons

With some investigation and advice from the experts, you won’t have any issues picking oral surgeons. Just take a look at these tips if you are unsure about something!

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