The 8 Best Live Chat Tools for Customer Support

Excellent customer support is integral to developing a great product or service. Customer service tools such as live chat support are a must-have for a business to establish a good relationship with its target audience and close more sales. 

Live chat enables instantaneous one-on-one communication, guaranteeing a unique experience for each website visitor. The speed with which customers receive assistance will significantly influence their final choice to purchase a product. Most market research studies have shown that the time taken to reply to a query plays a major role in customer satisfaction.

This guide aims to help businesses learn the best live chat tools available for customer support and how they can leverage them to their advantage.

Choosing the best live chat tools for customer support can be difficult as the chat tool must be tailored for the company’s usage. But fret not; here’s a list of the eight best live chat tools currently available for customer support: 

Live chat

Live chat is an excellent software that provides a wide range of useful support-related services in a slick, appealing interface. Its chatbot, help centre, and knowledge-base solutions are available separately but can be integrated with ticketing and chatting features for full team support. 

Live chat’s many capabilities include, but are not limited to, a ticketing system, notifications, conversation routing (directing conversations to specific support agents), team management, and sales goal tracking. Hence, it is a good fit for larger teams of representatives looking for live chat software that can handle a high volume of website users and consumers. You must use live chat support services for analytics on your website users.


Zendesk’s chat software is perfect for growing businesses due to its strong focus on automation. It also caters well to the needs of large organisations and has capabilities like routing, collaboration, and knowledge resource management. Zendesk unifies chat, social media, internet, email, and call discussions in one place to make life easier for the support team. The chatbots can be accessed through any of these mediums. In addition, the bots can be programmed to follow predefined procedures depending on the specifics of each consumer interaction.


Freshdesk is more than simply a website chat feature. It’s an all-encompassing customer support solution. Therefore, it best suits large, multifaceted enterprises that employ online and offline personnel. Each feature is offered as a standalone product and includes help desks, messages, call centres, and customer success tools. The Omnichannel Suite includes all these features, but they can also be purchased individually.


Intercom is the most popular live chat software among organisations that are online only, like software as a service (SaaS) companies. Live chat is just one of many features available on Intercom, along with guided product demonstrations, app integration (such as setting up a Zoom meeting), and ticket tracking and management. Conversation histories can also be saved and referred to in the future, allowing businesses to offer exceptional customer support. 


For organisations that want to rely on live chat, a dedicated app like Olark is a great option. A team can utilise Olark’s chatbot and automation features to reduce the number of tickets submitted by customers. Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems that simulate human interaction with customers. Pre-chat surveys can provide additional information and in-depth statistics to help businesses determine where they are succeeding and where they need to adjust. 

Live Agent 

Live agent’s gamification may be the solution you’re looking for to increase the standard of customer service and encourage healthy competition among your agents. This tool allows agents to track vital support metrics, earn badges, and rise through 12 tiers, from Novice to King. It has a ticketing system, an in-built call centre, a knowledge-base builder, a customer access portal, and real-time chat. 

You can also outsource call centre services with Live agent instead of going through the trouble yourself. Thanks to these supplementary services, customers and site visitors will no longer need to contact an agent to get answers to frequently asked questions or find out where their support tickets stand. 


Want to understand how consumers are interacting with your website? The Smartsupp app mixes live-to-chat with video recordings, a feature comparable to those provided by behaviour analytics solutions, although not to the same extent. These videos can allow businesses to understand how site visitors engage with their website. 

Live Help Now 

Using the Live Help Now chat platform to collect client feedback is made much simpler with the help of its adaptable surveys. In addition to that, the platform provides a sentiment analysis service, which monitors chats for both positive and negative sentiments. When it identifies a problematic conversation, it will immediately send an email to the administration, allowing them to contact the client, the agent, or both to smooth over a potentially unfavourable experience. 


These are the eight best live chat tools currently available on the market. Businesses should use such customer service tools to establish a good relationship with their target audience and close more sales. A satisfied customer always means more sales!

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