The 49-Goal Onward Transfer Problem Confirms Cesc Fabregas’ Chelsea Warning To Thomas Tuchel

The Blues are lacking a creative player to assist their attacking players. Chelsea hasn’t started the season well, scoring only five goals in four games. They only rank 10th in the league in terms of goals scored, while their anticipated goals (xG) are still just 6.2. Enjoy the live match on cakhiatv.

This paints the image that most people can see. Thomas Tuchel is scrambling to find answers as the assault stalls. Wilfried Zaha and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are the top two prospects to fix any issues as they search the transfer market for alternatives to their attacking line.

However, the underlying problem that results from this cannot be ignored. Chelsea has averaged 2.01 goals per game under Tuchel since he took over, which is not a poor performance but is below his 2.06-lifetime average as a manager and the second-lowest of all of his totals at all of his teams.

Only once, and with far fewer resources, did Tuchel’s team scoreless per game than Chelsea are presently averaging. That was against Mainz. He played 2.42 matches on average at Dortmund and 2.74 at PSG. Though it provides a troubling picture, there are noticeable differences between all three initiatives and his tenure at Chelsea.

Despite having access to more than £300 million worth of offensive talent, the manager has been unable to develop a coherent attacking unit. The German anticipated getting more out of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz in particular, even if most of it isn’t Tuchel’s acquisitions and comes down to basic transfer mishandling. Havertz has failed to score or provide an assist this season, and Werner is now gone.

There are concerns that Tuchel hasn’t been able to turn his team into a more potent attacking threat to rival Manchester City and Liverpool. Part of Tuchel’s problems stems from being forced to use the 3-4-2-1 system, which requires the addition of a midfielder to transition into a back four effectively.

One of the factors is the one-dimensional midfield choices that may complete the double-pivot, limiting Chelsea’s strikers’ access to the ball while also emphasising the wingbacks’ inventiveness. Tuchel has, however, continued to play players other than his present group despite this. If Ajax manages to finalise a contract to transfer Anthony to Manchester United and agree on a price with Chelsea, Hakim Ziyech may still sign with the Dutch club.

Because of the Moroccan’s capacity to create something out of nothing—one of the few players on the team who might be considered a wildcard option—Cesc Fabregas was drawn to him. The former Blues player has already spoken highly of Ziyech, and his praise is still valid.

In 2020, Fabregas said 90 Minutes: “[Ziyech] have the vision necessary for a great club like Chelsea that want to triumph and become champions. They were a squad without many ideas at the start of last season and this one, it’s true. With Ziyech, it is obvious that he possesses this last pass. Not only does he perceive it, but he also takes the choice at the appropriate moment, which is the decision-making that is discussed in today’s society.” How come coaches are so strategic? Because they can see that the players’ decision-making is lacking, they must constantly instruct them on what to do. Previously, in my opinion, coaches may not have been as aware of the player because there may not have been as much need since the players could handle it on their own.” These players include Ziyech. He makes things happen, things that happen when the centre backs, the defenders, are caught off guard and you have someone like Timo Werner making tremendous runs in behind. Chelsea may be powerful this year in premium league live in this area.”

The genuine Ziyech-Werner partnership never gained traction. Both players failed, despite the right winger sometimes flashing brilliance. Chelsea could have had a good idea if he had been able to manoeuvre himself into a more prominent position and establish genuine ties with Reece James. However, Tuchel hasn’t been able to develop this and is now left with fewer offensive alternatives than he had to begin with, along with the concern that his team still lacks clear-cut change makers.

The situation is consistent with Fabregas’ remarks. Tuchel has lately been accused of overcoaching with his Chelsea squad, but his genuine objective is to manage a group of players he knows will be creative and forward-thinking in the final third. Intelligent and forward-thinking in their own right.

Ziyech was among these guys, but he struggled to click with Tuchel. His outstanding record at his old club—49 goals and 81 assists in 165 games—shows what Chelsea lost out on. To fill the gap and increase the offensive danger, they must now recruit a replacement player.

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