Steps when making funny videos


Whether you are making funny Lustige videos for yourself or you are making to share with fans, the process of making is always fun. It is also a great way to pass your time.  You should start enjoying your work from when you script to planning on how to shoot. If you do everything well, you will come up with plenty of comedic scenes and jokes to share with other people.  Good funny video maker knows very well that there are steps to be followed. It is through the steps that you will come up with quality work. Here are some of the steps to consider

Writing a script

The first important step is to come up with a script. When you are writing your script, there are things that you must put into consideration. Here are some of the most important things to base your humor on.

Base your script on unexpected reactions and scripts

The first important thing to do is writing your script on things and situations that are unique and unexpected. Humorous moments arise from incidences that you believe will happen in a certain way but end up turning out to be very different. You can plan your script in a way that will lead your viewers to a certain conclusion only to flip the conclusion.

Follow rules. When you are writing a script for your funny Lustige videos, you should follow the rule of three. Humor can easily arise when patterns that are already established are broken into three sets. You can try to come up with a video scene where similar or two situations or ideas are put across. After doing so, you can come up with a third that will help in breaking the pattern. If you utilize the rule of three very well, you will be able to write very funny scripts.

Package the humor around situations that are relatable. If you come up with videos that your fans or people cannot relate to, there is no possibility of you gaining or attracting viewers. When you are coming up with your videos, it is very important to try and find out who your target audience is. After that, you can write scripts on situations that the group or your target audience has experienced. For example, you can write scripts about things that happen in society, schools, and dates among other things. You can also make videos on things that are funny to you and your target audience. It is very important to make a video that your audience can relate to.

Filming your video

After coming up with a great script, the next important step is to film your videos. There is a lot that you should do at this stage of producing your funny videos. First, you will have to gather all the equipment that is needed for filming. Make sure that you have the perfect equipment to capture your audio and the video. You can also fil using other things such as video recorders, webcams, cameras, and even a smartphone. Before you head out to film, you should first test the equipment. This is an important step just to make sure that your equipment is in perfect condition and that they are working. Once you are done with checking, you can go right ahead to start filming funny videos. To make your video exciting, you can use nods. That is the best way to indicate that what you are filming is a funny video. It is through the nods that your audience will know that they are watching funny videos.

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