Football South Korea vs Mexico Full Match Highlights: Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

South Korea vs Mexico Full Match Highlights – In this Quarter-Final game of Men’s Football event in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 South Korea and Mexico teams were face to face. This match was being played in International Stadium Yokohama. This stadium is located in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

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First Half South Korea 1-3 Mexico

In the first half, the Mexican team started attacking with a strong start. Mexico’s team dominated in this half itself.

Henry’s goal in the 12th minute gave Mexico a 1–0 lead in the opening time of the match.

Soon the South Korean team also made a comeback. LEE Donggyeong scored in the 20th minute to put his team at a 1-1 draw in this crucial match.

But this happiness of the South Korean team did not last long. Romeo Luis’s goal in the 30th minute once again put Mexico’s team 2–1 ahead.

CORDOVA Sebastian’s goal in the 39th minute gave the Mexican team a strong lead in this match. Thanks to this goal, Mexico was ahead 3–1 in this match.

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Second Half South Korea 3-6 Mexico

In the second half, the South Korean team changed their game, which they soon got the benefit of. In the 51st minute, LEE Donggyeong scored a goal and made his team 3-2 in this match.

Soon Henry again increased the lead of his team by scoring a goal in 54th minute. With this goal, the Mexican team now leads 4-2 in this match.

Sebastian’s goal in the 63rd minute ensured the victory for the Mexican team. Thanks to this goal, the Mexican team went 5–2 in this match.

This half was about to end when Eduardo scored in the 84th minute to give his team a 6-2 lead.

There were only a few minutes left for the half-half to end, when Uijo scored the third goal for his team. This goal came too late and Mexico won the match by 6-3.

Football South Korea vs Mexico Full Match Highlights: Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Mexico won this match by defeating South Korea by 6-3. With this win Mexican team proceeds to Semifinals and the journey of South Korean team ends here.

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