Slatwall Displays: What Are Freestanding Gondolas And Wall Panels?

The Shop-fitting business has been gaining more and more pace in the 21st century. People have even started to maintain their own tiny and cozy stalls within mall spaces which don’t need much investment. Just set up a few pieces of equipment and furniture in place and you are all set to sell whatever you want—literally. Be it shampoos, candies, batteries, jewelry, clothes, accessories or anything else, your best solution to display any or all of these articles is Slatwall fittings

What Are Slatwall?

Slatwall or slotwall is a building material that is used for displaying products in any store. They are used as display fixtures or wall coverings’ shop fitting. Slatwall has horizontal panels with grooves, which are also known as slats, that are designed to fit all types of merchandising adornments. Slatwall comes in an assortment of shapes and forms, starting from wall panels to unattached and freestanding fixtures. 

Slatwall And Their Accessories

There are a number of accessories that can be attached to these Slatwall in order to change the look of your store or give a complete makeover by changing all the products within a few minutes. Slatwall accessories include Slatwall gondolas, panels, brackets, pegboard baskets, hooks, extrusions and trims, glass shelves, greeting-card holders and so on and so forth. 

5 Reasons Why Slatwalls Are Loved By Retailers, Home Renovators And Office Designers

  1. ResilientSlatwalls are long-lasting, hard to damage and can support heavier merchandise as compared to other fixtures in the market. They become even more efficient when metal rails for accessories are placed within the channels. 
  1. Budget-FriendlyConsidering its resourcefulness and the wide range of uses, slat walls are quite affordable. However, personalised slat walls with high-priced boards will cost a greater price. But the basic models are fairly economical.
  1. Customize Your Space: Slatwalls come in a great mishmash of sizes, types of attachments, shapes, colours and shades, and finishes. This enhances our chances to play with the topical trends and fashion our own space, keeping the requirements of the business in mind.
  1. MultipurposeActually,one cannot compartmentalize Slatwall for just a specific use. Because it is meant for almost everything you can sell. As mentioned earlier, body care merchandise, brochures, water closet accessories and much more can be displayed on it. The list can be unending!
  1. Foolproof: There won’t be any use of a toolbox once you have installed your Slatwall panels. You can just attach your Slatwall accessories and get started with your sales. 

Types Available In Slatwall Fittings

There are two forms ofSlatwall fittings: freestanding fixtures and wall panels. Both these types have their own uses. The user needs to decide on which fixture to use, depending upon their exclusive spaces and needs.

●      Wall Panels

Wall panels canprove to be a bit laborious while installing them as compared to their corresponding fixtures, but they are worth your energy, time and money. Their major perk is that they will help your store look spacious and will give more room for customers to roam around freely. By using wall panels, one can keep the products at an eye level for the customers for easily glancing through the merchandise. 

Wall panels are available in wide-ranging sizes and can be escalated as either a single unit or multi-panelled configurations such as horizontal strips and vertical columns. These prove to be an asset for the stores which have restricted floor spaces. Wallboards are also great for using up corner spaces of a store without hindering the eye view of customers. These are a more long-lasting and permanent solution for displaying than the freestanding fixtures. 

●      Freestanding Fixtures

Freestanding fixtures are display set-ups that are easy to install and set up, completely assembled and mobile enough to be shifted without having to uninstall it. They just need to be unwrapped, placed in a space and mounted with the merchandise. Right from the full-sized gondola displays to the elfin countertop spinners, these freestanding Slatwall fittings are available in a varying range of sizes and styles.

Contrary to wall panels, freestanding Slatwall fittings present the users with higher creativity and flexibility while designing one’s store’s layout. Freestanding fixtures can be omnipresent, can fit anywhere and still add to the style and personality of your store. These can be positioned near the aisles, centre of the store, beside queue lines and can even snuggle into the tightest corners of the store. 

Slatwall Gondola Shelving 

Gondola fittings, also called H-units, have a great capacity to hold on to your merchandise. No doubt gondolas are the biggest display in the whole of Slatwall fittings genus. With the increased display space, it provides a boost to the store’s business as well. A standard gondola measures up to 8 sqft. of the floor space. But the magic lies in the fact that it can offer up to 48 sq ft. of the display area.  

There are four multi-directional display panels attached to the Slatwall gondola shelving and it is obtainable with casters. Gondolas showcase their capacity for holding greater merchandise along with series showcasing as well. The recommended accessories for gondolas are hangrails, shelves and faceouts. 


Cube Slatwall makes a style statement for your store and their spinning ability gives a panoptical view to the customers of the products displayed. They vary in width and height from countertop displays to gigantic floor displays, which provides the user with plenty of functions and uses. These are remarkable for smaller products and displaying single large pieces of merchandise. Suggested accessories for cube Slatwall are frame hooks, peg hooks, shallow attachments and literature pockets.


This type is also called the I-unit. Its superpower is its optimum visibility. With just two display sides, this Slatwall fitting is a space saver and gives a simply formal look to your space. Another space saver freestanding Slatwall fitting is the tower Slatwall. The best accessories to pair with the I-unit are frame hooks, literature pockets, peg hooks, shelves, faceouts and bins. 

Visit the best stores in your own Australian market to get an estimate for your store Slatwall fittings to get the desired look for your space.

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