Should you consider DevOps as your IT Job?

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about DevOps! Over the years, the term ‘DevOps’ has gained wildfire-like popularity. Thousands of organizations have already adopted the DevOps mindset and welcomed overall benefits. Watching the recent statistics made DevOps a lucrative concept for more developing companies. So, you can estimate the boom in DevOps-driven enterprises in the upcoming years.

Undoubtedly, it’s the best time to learn DevOps Course in Zurich and join giant companies at handsome salaries. But, you would be having numerous confusions, dilemmas, and whatnot if you are new to DevOps.

What is DevOps? Is it even a career? Is DevOps an IT job? And more questions might buzz your mind when thinking of pursuing a professional journey in the domain. Don’t worry anymore! Here are all your answers, especially for the last one. 

We will discuss in grave detail the category of a DevOps job. So, ultimately you will have the correct answer to ‘is DevOps an IT job?’ before preparing for DevOps Certification.

So, boot up and join us on the ride. Let’s see if DevOps is an IT job or not!

What Do You Mean by DevOps?

Many people struggle to understand the definition of DevOps. It would be highly beneficial to begin our discussion with the meaning of DevOps. 

So, what exactly is DevOps? Essentially, DevOps is a set of best practices to achieve shorter Software Development Lifecycles (SDLCs) and provide continuous delivery of premium products. It is an amalgamation of IT operations and software development.

DevOps is a derived concept from Agile methodologies. Adopting an Agile mindset brings DevOps as a complement to the business environment and workflows.

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Is DevOps Even a Job or Career Domain?

Let’s answer another essential question to ease out your dilemma.

‘Is DevOps even a job or career domain?’ – this has always been a point of debate for enterprises and experts.

DevOps is a mindset or philosophy that provides an efficient SDLC for companies and aligns their output with the industry. However, swiftness does not mean a compromise in software quality for the DevOps-driven team. 

So, DevOps is an idea that is much beyond the point of jobs and careers. However, enterprises seek professionals having an in-depth understanding of DevOps. Consequently, they have vacancies and job roles for DevOps experts. That means one can study and get certified in DevOps concepts to join a leading business and earn a substantial income.

Yes, DevOps is a job, and you can build your career in the domain.

Moving on, let’s get more specific to your mainframe question and our in-focus discussion topic.

What are the Prerequisites to Learn DevOps?

Understanding all steps to become a DevOps professional, including the requisites, is essential to decide whether it is an IT job or not.

So, let’s see the requirements that you should fulfil to learn DevOps.

  1. Knowledge of Containerization

Containerization is an essential requirement for DevOps. You should have advanced knowledge of containers and some hands-on experiences to excel at DevOps.

  1. Understanding of Scripting Languages is a Necessity

DevOps has a massive dependency on scripting languages. So, it would help if you had a thorough understanding and extensive practice using different scripting languages. Such knowledge will help you during the entire DevOps learning tenure.

  1. Automation Tools Knowledge

As you already know, DevOps attempts to cut short the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). So, it heavily relies on automation and relevant tools. You can enjoy significant benefits with an early understanding of automation platforms.

  1. Networking Knowledge

The DevOps syllabus has multiple references to networking concepts. You cannot understand the curriculum without studying computer networking. So, beginning with winning-over, a computer networking course can help you.

  1. Computer Science Fundamentals

DevOps requires you to have sufficient knowledge of computer science. So, you will get more advantages during the learning phase with a thorough understanding of all computer science subjects. 

What are DevOps Job Roles and Responsibilities?

With a firm understanding of the various DevOps prerequisites, you are all set to know about different job roles and their responsibilities in the domain.

Let’s not waste a moment and understand DevOps jobs and their responsibilities right below.

  1. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is a sought-after job role in the world. You will require supporting DevOps platforms and managing in-house infrastructure if you get a DevOps job in a reputed company.

  1. Build Engineer

Also known as Build and Release engineers, these professionals are in high demand among DevOps-based enterprises. A Build engineer is held responsible for Builds amidst a rapid CI/CD environment. They replace automation orchestrators in business workplaces.

  1. Release Manager

Unlike an engineer, the Release Managers have practical exposures and top-class supervision over release pipelines and strategies. They are proficient in leadership and often curate pipeline mechanisms, and bring team synchronization for efficient outcomes.

  1. Site Reliability Engineer

From a layman perspective, the site reliability engineers bridge existing infrastructure with cloud solutions. These professionals manage to build and release orchestration and integrate different tools for a holistic outcome.

  1. Data Analyst

The typical role of data analysts modifies to support the DevOps environment through dataset analysis. These professionals find observable patterns in existing and historical customer data to identify DevOps actions that indirectly impact user experiences.

  1. Product Manager

The product manager is instead an operational role in a DevOps-driven company. As a Product Manager, you must collaborate with the developer team to ensure that the product is of desirable quality with a check on all objectives.

The Bottom Line

With a thorough understanding of DevOps, its prerequisites, various job roles, and their responsibilities, you are ready to judge if it is an IT domain or not.

DevOps has numerous IT principles and a computer science background as an essential requirement. You can easily deduce that DevOps is an IT job. You can get into a high-paying DevOps role by mastering all fundamental CSE/IT subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networking, etc.

So, yes, DevOps is an IT job, and the relevant certification is one of the highest-paying certifications in the information technology industry. It’s high time to prepare for DevOps. Start now!

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