Should You Buy Canada Drugs Online? A Guide

In 2019, the sale of Canada drugs increased by over 35% to $29.9 billion across the country.

How many prescription drugs did you purchase this year that contributes to such a massive market?

Your answer was at least one as no consumer is immune from a common cold or more serious health concern that needs a prescription. You may have even been tempted to order drugs online from a convenient online pharmacy that offers ease. Yet buying drugs online brings many red flags and a need to review the pharmacy in detail before purchasing.

Continue reading below for what you need to keep aware of when buying drugs online.

Risks of Buying Canada Drugs Online

Canada drugs bought online offer convenience for customers who don’t need to go through the hassle of waiting in-stores. The privacy they receive is also a bonus to buy drugs online as you aren’t surrounded by other shoppers.

Yet there are risks associated with this that you want to be on top of before ordering.

Online pharmacies can be illegitimate, running illegal practices without authorization. That means your drugs may not contain the proper ingredients to treat your condition. The prescriptions may also have harmful or toxic substitutes that could cause serious damage or health concerns.

Warning Signs of Online Pharmacies

The first thing you need to do when ordering Canada drugs online is a deep review of the pharmacy. You are looking for a trustworthy source, and these are several warning signs that highlight possible fraud:

Another easy warning sign is an insecure website (HTTP versus HTTPS) that doesn’t keep your personal info encrypted. Look for an HTTPS website, like which protects you at checkout.

Finally, you should review the website and extra searches to check that licensing requirements are met. You will find a major red flag if you can’t locate any regulatory licenses associated with the pharmacy.

How to Check Legitimacy

Your first step is reviewing the above warning signs and making sure you can find ample checks for each. You should feel more at ease buying Canada drugs online once you know there is a licensed pharmacist, business address in Canada, and proper marketing among other things.

Any pharmacy in Canada needs to be licensed by a provincial or territorial pharmacy regulatory authority. The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) is a main authority figure in Canada. Do a quick check-in on their website to ensure your selected online pharmacy has the proper licenses.

Your medical doctor is also a resource for where to go for your prescription needs. Make sure you receive prescriptions only from your doctor, share your pharmacy info, and convey further health concerns. This creates a crucial paper trail in case you need to report fraudulent pharmacy activity.

Buy Prescriptions Drugs Safely

Using an online pharmacy to buy Canada drugs creates ease and convenience for you as a busy consumer. But you should go the extra mile in reviewing red flags and license records so that your health remains prioritized. Remember, a cheaper prescription may not save in the long run.

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