Should I Pursue With A Temporary Graduate Visa 485 or Go For Another Student Visa?

After finishing a course in Australia, students often think about what they should do next. They get confused regarding whether to get a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 or get another student visa. 

The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is for students who have recently graduated. They need to have skills relevant to a particular occupation in Australia. You can live, study and work in Australia with a visa. 

You should talk to a migration consultant in Perth to know what you should do. But you need to consider a few things before making your final decision. 

Basic Requirements

An applicant for temporary graduate visa subclass 485 needs to be below 50 years. They must hold an eligible visa during the time of the application. The applicant also needs to have held a student visa in the last six months. 

The applicant also needs to have recently qualified in any course registered under CRICOS. You should also be careful about providing the necessary documents with your application. Failing to provide the required documents will lead to your visa getting rejected.  

Study Requirements

Students are required to fulfil specific study requirements before applying for Subclass 485 Visa in Australia. Students who apply for overseas credit need to be extra careful. They need to spend a particular number of hours on each unit. It is also necessary to keep an eye on the skilled occupation list related to your course.

English Requirement

If you want to apply for the Visa Subclass 485, you have to fulfil English requirements. You need to show documents to prove your English competency. You have to appear for the IELTS and achieve the required score.

You will have to sit for four components in IELTS. The four components include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You have to obtain an overall score of 6. In each component, you should get at least 5. You can consider taking an English course if you are unable to achieve the required score. 

Different Study Streams

There are three streams that an applicant of this visa can be put into. This includes the Graduate Work Stream, the Post-Study Work Stream, and Second Post-Study Work Stream. The level of your study will determine your work-stream. 

People often qualify for the Graduate Work Stream. But they keep studying to become eligible for the Post-study Work Stream. The two streams have different characteristics. You can change the work-stream after making your application. 

Graduate Work Stream

The graduate stream is for people who have recently graduated from a course. The course needs to be related to an occupation that has a skill shortage in Australia. You can work, stay and study in Australia with this visa.

It is possible to stay for 18 months in Australia with this visa. Your qualification needs to be relevant to any occupation in the Skilled Occupation List. 

You can also bring your family to Australia with the help of this visa. The processing time for this visa is around four months.

You have to undergo a relevant skill assessment to show that you meet the requirements to apply for this visa. Sometimes you also need to prove that you have relevant work experience. Your application for visa 485 will be rejected if your skill assessment is not favourable. 

Post-Study Work Stream

This visa is provided if you have a recent graduation degree. But the degree needs to be obtained from any Australian institute. You can live and work in Australia with the help of this visa. 

    • It is possible to stay and work between 2 and 4 years in Australia. The duration depends on your qualification. Your degree should be from a course registered under CRICOS. 

    • You can bring your family to Australia with this visa. The 485 visa processing time is approximately four months.

Second Post-Study Work Stream

The visa is meant for first temporary graduate visa holders, who have graduated from an institution located in a regional area. You can stay, work, study, and live in Australia. The main highlights of this course is:

Visa 485 Is Granted Only Once

A main visa 485 holder cannot apply for it more than once. However, you can apply as a dependent. Students need to be cautious while applying for the 485 visas. 

Is It Possible To Apply Twice?

You should apply for visa 485 to prolong your stay in Australia. You can stay in Australia with this visa even after your degree is complete. It is one of the initial mediums for your permanent residence in the country. 

    • The 485 visa requirements include various critical features. You need to review them carefully before applying for this visa. It could be a wasted opportunity if you fail to meet any one of the requirements for this visa. 

    • You cannot apply for this visa twice if it gets granted in your first attempt. However, you can make a second application if your application gets rejected the first time. There is no fixed time for reapplication unless something is mentioned in particular in the application. 

You should support your second application with all the necessary documents. You need to ensure that you avoid the same mistakes that you committed during your first application. Sometimes you will be required to provide additional information to avoid getting your second application rejected for the same reasons. 

Eligible Visa In Hand

You need to possess an eligible visa in hand to apply for visa 485. An international student needs to be enrolled in the course of a minimum of 2 years. You should remember that a temporary visa 485 can be your pathway to get permanent residence in the country. 

The visa will allow you to stay in Australia for four years. Your stay in the country will be influenced by your performance and sincerity towards work. You have to apply for visa 485 within six months of completing your course. International students must apply between the date of completing their course and the expiration date of their student visa. 

Can A 485 Visa Be Applied Offshore?

The main applicant of the student visa cannot apply for this visa offshore. But a dependent can apply for it offshore. However, the main applicant needs to be granted this visa first.

Stay, Cost, And Processing Time

The 485 student visa holders can stay in Australia between two to four years. However, the duration of the stay depends on the qualification of the visa holder. Hong Kong passport holders can stay for as long as five years. 

    • The cost of the student visa 485 application starts from AUD 1,680. But some additional charges may be involved. 

    • Some applicants have said that the processing time requires six months. Some other applicants have stated that it took seven months. It can even take longer than to get your student visa 485 application approved. The processing time of the application depends on which workstream you choose. 

Final Thoughts

You can talk to a Visa Consultant Perth to get your visa 485 application approved. They will ensure that you get the right advice to receive approval on your visa. You will be able to submit all the necessary documents in time. 

Furthermore, the visa agents will have knowledge about the government procedures. So, it will help you avoid mistakes that can elongate the processing time. You should hire a reliable visa consultant and follow their advice while filling the application.

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