Selecting a Screen Printer that also offers Embroidery

The screen printer you choose to handle tshirt printing needs and corporate shirt embroidery has a big impact on the end results. Printers are not all equal in their experience, skill or professionalism. There is even a difference in the kind and quality of equipment they use. Some printers can also offer services to do with design so you do not have to. Here are some questions to ask and what to look for when you start the search.

Ask to see their portfolio/work

It is possible they might not have what you would classically think of as a portfolio but examples of their work is basically what you need to ask for. If you are looking for a local printer then you can visit them at their shop and they likely have some of the work they have done hanging around it. You can get a good idea of the quality of shirts, printing, embroidery, how well images are placed and anything else you might want to check. It will help you choose the best printer for you.

Compare their pricing

It is not a good thing to only judge a printing service by what they charge. Company shirt printing if you want it done well does not come with the lowest bid in most cases. Look for competitive pricing, nothing too good to be true, and nothing over top average prices. Keep in mind that there are costs with printing, equipment, ink, design if you pay for that, and they have overheads to pay too. They have a right to make a profit but a bit of comparing can help sort out work done by bad printers!

Decide whether you want a local printer

There are a lot of printers online offering their services so whether you choose one of them, or go with someone local is up to you. There are some points to be argued for going local. You can visit them in person, talk to someone in person, see up close the quality of their printing, inks they use, their skill and how good their corporate shirt embroidery is. Not everyone lives close to a physical printer though so having them online is very convenient. A local printer is part of the community though so you are helping your local economy. If you are doing something for the charity they might offer a discount or work out something with you to support the cause for the community.


Getting your own printed shirts is a fun time for many, getting to be creative or talk with a designer who can take your ideas and goals and turn that into something you want to put in as part of your company shirt printing. Choose a printer that knows what they are doing, has some experience and is happy to send samples of work if you prefer that. Make sure everything is of good quality especially when you want people to be comfortable in the shirts, and to wear them more than once!

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