RS3 Hiscores – How Do They Work?

RuneScape HiScores have been out for a very long time, but some players are still confused about them. What do HiScores actually do?

RuneScape 3 has been one of the well-known MMORPGs for the last decade. Despite being the lesser-played RS game, the third iteration of the game still has a decent following and has a consistently loyal fanbase. There are a lot of things that gamers can do in RS3 like powering up their characters, leveling up their skills, or farming RuneScape gold. All these activities are monitored and tabulated into RuneScape HiScores which some players, even experiences ones, might be unfamiliar with.

What is RS3 HiScore?

The HiScores is a website developed specifically for RuneScape which collects data from the game and analyzes the information to rank players based on their experience points in their skills. The website updates itself every time players log out or leave the lobby which enables it to keep track of everything. Unfortunately, HiScores won’t record any player data if the players were logged out of the game automatically due to reasons like system updates or maintenance. However, the amount of RS3 gold players have are not included in the website’s leaderboard.

The site makes use of a free-to-view Application Programming Interface (API) that enables it to track players, the clans they belong to, and activities they accomplished per season. Though both Ironman Mode and Hardcore Ironmen have several charts that are separate from the regular one, they still appear on the regular HiScore charts.

What are the HiScores For?

Other than bragging rights and being recognized as some of the top players in the game, Jagex also provides some neat aesthetic rewards for those who are able to win the Seasonal HiScores. There are three rewards that players can receive for being at the top of the leaderboard. The first one is the Crown of Supremacy which is a cosmetic override, the second being the Round of Applause emote, and the third is titles.

The Crown of Supremacy is a cosmetic override that can only be worn by the top players as long as they remain in the top position. Once these players lose their spots, the cosmetic is replaced with the Crown of Legends override which is a simpler version of Supremacy because it loses the green glow. Since these are cosmetic overrides, they cannot be tangibly equipped.

The second reward is the round of applause emote which is not permanent. Players who won Seasonal HiScores can only use the emote as long as a new participant hasn’t won the current or next seasonal event. The emote features three NPCs cheering, applauding, and worshiping the winner. This emote does not appear to other people in their emote tab since only seasonal winners get to use them.

The last reward is titles. Depending on what the event was, gamers will receive titles corresponding to or representing that event. For those in the top 100, they will receive a grey version of the accolade while winners will receive the gold version of the titles. The number one player for each season will also acquire The Supreme title.

How Do People Appear in HiScores?

For players to appear in HiScores, they have to reach a minimum requirement that can either be the skill level or their rank. Though all players are recorded and accounted for, only selected players are included in the leaderboard. Here are the requirements for each category:

Skill                       Minimum Level                Minimum Rank

Skills                     41                                         1,930,165

Attack                  15                                         1,315,698

Defence               15                                         1,308,946

Strength               15                                         1,307,430

Constitution        15                                         1,500,945

Ranged                15                                         1,131,284

Prayer                  15                                         1,173,592

Magic                   15                                         1,203,700

Cooking               15                                         1,206,248

Woodcutting      15                                         1,283,089

Fletching              15                                         862,013

Fishing                  15                                         1,130,760

Firemaking          15                                         1,198,989

Crafting               15                                         1,060,795

Smithing              15                                         1,151,314

Mining                  15                                         1,223,996

Herblore              15                                         765,861

Agility                   15                                         881,227

Thieving               15                                         859,929

Slayer                   15                                         816,989

Farming               15                                         659,274

Runecrafting       15                                         917,728

Hunter                  15                                         694,329

Construction       15                                         727,500

Summoning         15                                         642,359

Dungeoneering  15                                         806,930

Divination            15                                         506,313

Invention             15                                         184,872

Archaeology       15                                         340,079

Gamers should take note that just because they have reached the minimum skill level doesn’t mean they will appear on the leaderboards right away. If there are already too many players that have reached or exceeded the minimum requirement, the system will only show players who are on or above the minimum rank.

How Are Clans Ranked?

Clans are also recorded by the HiScores website, although there are no rewards for being the top guilds in the leaderboard, it does give players enough prestige and recognition to try climbing the ranks. Here are the factors that determine the leaderboard rankings:

Seasonal HiScores

Seasonal events were released at the same time RuneScape 3 came out. These events are time-limited and will have varying objectives like boss kills, gathering, and coin donations. The current Seasonal HiScores are visible in the community tab, while previous HiScores can be viewed on the RS website.

Being the top players and clans in RuneScape is enough reason to try climbing the game’s leaderboard. To be included in the HiScores charts is a feat that not all players can achieve, so investing RS gold and Runescape items in skills is a very worthwhile venture. Overthrow the top players and become the best of the best in RuneScape 3.

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