Role of An Electrician in House Renovation

House renovation or remodeling can require changes in the wiring patterns throughout the house. Wires, circuits and other electrical components wear out over time and would need replacing. There are many reasons why professional involvement can be helpful during the renovation process. 

These are some of the problems found: 

To ensure a smooth renovation, it is essential to use the services of a professional Electrician in Adelaide. An electrician can provide insights on making electrical connections without disturbing existing connections.

Here’s how an electrician can help:

Repairing faulty wires:

Wires are the reason why electric appliances even work. Over time, the wires start becoming defective. The current flowing through faulty wires will be less than what it was originally designed to carry. This leads to constant fluctuations in power. 

Fixing blown fuses and circuits:

Due to the constant fluctuations in power, there is a chance that the fuses can blow, making the appliance unsafe to use. There are scenarios where circuit breakers can trip as a safety measure to safeguard all the appliances in the house. These would have to be changed, and a professional can undertake these tasks.

Circuit protection:

Over time, the circuits’ protection can wear out, and new breakers would have to be installed. The breakers are in place to trip whenever there is a lot of fluctuation. Breakers are essential for houses as these can prevent disastrous mishaps, especially for households with children below the age of 10.

Fixing broken light switches:

After 5 to 6 years of a house’s construction, light switches tend to wear out, making them unusable. Such switches lead to unnecessary heating of the appliances, sparks, and noise which can be frustrating. These switches would need fixing. 

Installing new appliances:

Installation of new appliances would need an expert’s point of view simply because they would know how to make the right connections without disturbing the existing connections. The new appliances would have to be grounded to ensure any extra charges flow into the ground.

Upgrading the electrical panels:

The electrical panel houses the circuit breaker. The electrical breaker is essential to every household as it automatically trips whenever there are fluctuations hence safeguarding appliances. If there are faulty panels, they would require upgrading.

Because of the reasons stated, companies like Dead Short Electrical provide these services. Particularly in Australia, a study stated that many cables remain unprotected, which makes it a hazard for households near such cables. A home renovation is the right time to upgrade old wiring and install new major appliances while keeping the safety of these appliances in mind.


Even if we are aware of the electrical systems in place in our houses, it is essential to avail of the services of a professional Electrician in Adelaide who would help in ensuring the safety of the appliances and the people living in the houses. Renovations with the help of an electrician can ensure no mishaps occur and will also guarantee that all the safety systems are in place.

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