Rocket League Decals: The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Ranked

Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, is an immensely popular vehicular soccer video game that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. With its fast-paced gameplay and impressive acrobatic stunts, it has become a staple in the world of esports. One of the key aspects that allow players to personalize their in-game experience is the use of decals. Decals are unique Rocket League items that players can apply to their cars, allowing them to showcase their style and personality on the pitch.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore the top 10 ranked decals in Rocket League, diving into their designs, unlock requirements, and popularity among players. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to switch up your style or a newcomer seeking inspiration, this guide will help you choose the perfect decal to elevate your Rocket League experience.

1. Dominus: RLCS Decal

The Dominus: RLCS decal is an iconic design inspired by the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) – the premier competitive league for the game. Sporting the RLCS logo and colors, this decal exudes a sense of prestige and accomplishment. To unlock this coveted decal, players often need to participate in RLCS events, complete special challenges, or trade with other players.

2. Octane: Dissolver Decal

The Octane: Dissolver decal is a mesmerizing animated design that features intricate geometric patterns in vibrant colors. This decal is highly sought after for its eye-catching appeal, and it’s often considered a status symbol among Rocket League players. Players can obtain the Dissolver decal through crate drops, trade-ins, or by purchasing with rocket league credits from the in-game store.

3. Fennec: Kilowatt Decal

The Fennec: Kilowatt decal is an electrifying design that perfectly complements the sleek body of the Fennec car. With its glowing circuit-like patterns, this decal is a favorite among players who prefer a futuristic and technological aesthetic. Kilowatt decals can be unlocked through blueprint drops, trade-ins, or by trading with other players.

4. Batmobile: The Dark Knight Decal

The Batmobile: The Dark Knight decal is a tribute to one of the most iconic fictional vehicles of all time. Inspired by the Batmobile from the Batman franchise, this decal brings a touch of vigilante justice to the Rocket League arena. Players can unlock this decal by purchasing the Batmobile DLC pack.

5. Breakout: RLCS Decal

Similar to the Dominus RLCS decal, the Breakout RLCS decal represents the Rocket League Championship Series but tailored to the Breakout car model. As with other RLCS decals, players often need to participate in RLCS events or complete specific challenges to earn this prestigious design.

6. Skyline: Huntress Decal

The Skyline: Huntress decal offers a fierce and mysterious look for your car. With its stylized dragon emblem and elegant patterns, this decal suits players who want a touch of fantasy and adventure on the pitch. Players can find the Huntress decal in blueprint drops or trade with other players to add it to their collection.

7. Takumi: Combo Decal

The Takumi: Combo decal is a simple yet classic design that features stripes and geometric shapes. This versatile decal goes well with various car bodies, and its clean aesthetics make it a popular choice among players. Takumi: Combo decals can be obtained through trade-ins or purchased from the in-game store.

8. Octane: Mainframe Decal

The Octane: Mainframe decal is a highly sought-after animated design that mesmerizes with its shifting colors and patterns. This premium decal is often considered a status symbol, showcasing a player’s dedication and skill. Mainframe decals can be obtained through crate drops or by trading with other players.

9. Dominus: Suji Decal

The Dominus: Suji decal offers a visually stunning and artistic look for the Dominus car. Its flowing brushstrokes and vibrant colors make it stand out on the pitch. Players can obtain the Suji decal through blueprint drops or trade-ins.

10. Endo: Warlock Decal

The Endo: Warlock decal is a popular choice among players who want to bring a touch of magic and mystique to their Rocket League cars. With its magical symbols and dark color palette, the Warlock decal offers a unique and captivating design. Players can find the Warlock decal in blueprint drops or trade with other players.

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