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RIP Full Form

RIP Full Form

If you want to know what does the word R.I.P means or stands for? Then you are at the right place. Here you will get all the information related to phrase RIP.

RIP stands for Rest in Peace.

Meaning of RIP

When someone is dead then the word R.I.P is used to express sorrow against them. The trend started from Catholics as when Catholics were dead R.I.P was used to be written on their graves. When people is died they go in their forever resting mode that is word has more relevance rest in peace. In other words, when someone is dead then this phrase is used to express eternal rest and peace. Rest in peace word is used to express condolence to the dead one’s. R.I.P word is mainly used by the Christian religion for the reason because they bury the dead body’s despite of burning.

History of R.I.P Phrase

In ancient time somewhere around the fifth century this phrase was first found in tombstones. In 18th century it became very common to be found R.I.P written almost in every tomb of Christians and also for Roman Catholics. It was a prayer to request god that the dead one’s soul should find the peace after life. As per the doctrine of Christians that soul gets separated upon death on someone but it gets reunited on the day of judgement.

In 2017, there were some protests from the member of orange order to stop the phrase R.I.P as it contradicts the doctrine of bible. But as per Presbyterian Ken Newell, people are praying for the dead one’s when they use the word R.I.P.

RIP Full Form

Religious Facts Related To This Phrase

Hindu Religion

Hindu religion does not agree with the concept of R.I.P. As per their religion it is not valid. As per the views of Hindu religion after the death soul does not go into rest mode rather it is the process of liberation. In other words as per their views people souls gets Moksha. Instead of R.I.P they says may soul attain moksha.

Muslim Religion

Muslim religion do not use the word  R.I.P instead they use Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. It means we belong to god and ultimately we will return back to god.

Sikh Religion

Sikh religion people do not use the word R.I.P instead they exclaims Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru which means the wonderful lord.

To summarize I would say the phrase RIP full form is rest in peace which is used by the Christians to express their grief’s to the dead one’s. Though there are many contradictions on the use of such phrase at this situation.


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