Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) In Istanbul, Turkey Surgery

The procedure of rhinoplasty Turkey, which literally translates to “change the nose,” is sometimes referred to as the “nose job.” Rhinoplasty can be used to reshape the nose, improve the way it looks, and in some cases, improve nasal breathing.

Rhinoplasty Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery

The goal of the procedure may occasionally be to enhance both nasal attractiveness and functionality. The nose is such a prominent feature of the face that a surgeon should have expertise in this kind of surgery in addition to a good sense of facial artistry, or they should be knowledgeable of the aesthetics of facial proportions.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nonetheless, patients can frequently plan on the actual surgery being 3 to 4 hours. In complicated situations, revision rhinoplasty Turkey procedures could require additional time to finish.

How Is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

During the surgery, the columella (the skin and tissue between the nostrils at the base of the nose) is cut across. By lifting the skin that covers the nasal bones and cartilage, the surgeon can then access the internal nasal structures. After the procedure, the skin is repositioned, and the wound is stitched. Rhinoplasty Turkey cost may vary depending on the procedure used.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques

There are some techniques used, they are generally divided into open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. But we can give examples of other techniques as cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty and reconstructive rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Turkey cost does not differ much in the techniques used.

What Are The Differences Between Female And Male Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Men frequently have bigger noses with broader, wider nasal bases than women do. In general, the male nose sticks out from the face more than the female face. For the most part, men have more pronounced nostrils and the nasal bridge. Males’ top lips and noses frequently meet at an angle of 90 to 95 degrees. 

Most women have smaller, smaller delicate, and smaller sized nostrils on their noses. Because a woman’s top lip and nose often form an angle of five to ten degrees more than a man’s, the tip of a female nose is frequently higher than a male nose. rhinoplasty Turkey can be counted among the difference in the procedure to be applied.

Is An Intra Nose Pad Used In Nose Aesthetics?

Although some bruising and swelling are expected, these side effects usually disappear within a week to ten days. Ice compression may be utilized in the opening days to reduce this. Either bandage or a plastic splint may be present on the outside of your nose. Also, if a defective septum was fixed, internal splints might be found. They are usually in effect for one week.

When Is Nose Aesthetic Patient Discharged?

During a few weeks, the initial edema will normally go down. It may come and go and is frequently worse in the morning. 1 day is enough for you to be discharged. You are usually discharged the day after the procedure. The time you stay in the hospital and any extra service you receive are included in the rhinoplasty Turkey cost.

Does Nose Aesthetic Patient Have Much Pain? Will There Be Any Bruising Or Swelling?

For those with a low pain threshold, the post-operative process can be painful. But this pain does not last long. Within 1 week, your pain will decrease and disappear. If you have bruising and swelling within this 1 week, it is normal and will pass. But we cannot say that this bruising and swelling occurs in everyone.

Who Is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Applied To?

Normal male and female noses are different from one another in a few significant ways. Apart from that, men and women often have a little bit different expectations from rhinoplasty. However, rhinoplasty Turkey can be done to anyone, regardless of whether it is a woman or a man approved by the doctor.

What Are The Advantages Of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

One of the most popular surgeries is rhinoplasty Turkey, or surgery to reshape the nose. Some individuals decide to have this operation done in order to improve both the appearance and functionality of their nose. 

What Are The Cons Of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Teenagers, young adults, elderly folks, and middle-aged adults can all schedule this procedure to fix their noses and meet their cosmetic goals. Your eligibility for the procedure will be determined by your goals, present health, medical history, and desire to undergo the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Turkey Prices 

Please check the clinic’s accreditations, the board certifications of the doctors, and their experience. In Turkey, rhinoplasty Turkey cost between 3.000 and 7.000 dollars, including lodging and transportation. 

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