Revealing High Copper PCB of Multilayer PCB, are known as the international producers of Multilayer PCB. They are assimilated with the most competitive engineers of the day, which have an extensive experience working with their elite customers who utilize the printed circuit boards in a variety of applications and industries.

Immaterial of the material of the printed circuit boards, which could be ceramics, Teflon or other related products, they assure that their Multilayer PCB is manufactured in the highest possible standards.

Moreover, the sophisticated and advanced PCB equipment of will handle endless PCB fabrication services. Their versatile team has adopted best practices and expertise to assure a product design which plays a crucial role in the functionality of the Multilayer PCB.

They are essentially known for handling the most complicated printed circuit boards. The Multilayer PCB can be manufactured by utilization of buried vias, blind or even through the holes. They assure to deliver a product that is integrated with the highest possible guarantee to their users. An interested buyer can contact them through email, phone or fax or send their files online and get a competitive price.

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Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB is even popularly known as the thick copper printed circuit boards, which one can find three ounces (oz) of copper or more on the internal as well as the external layers of the printed circuit boards.

This unique Heavy Copper PCB has been categorized in this essential category of heavy printed circuit boards since the copper used in these boards are of a thickness of over 4 oz per square foot. Nevertheless, extreme copper pertain the integrity from 20 oz per square foot to 200 oz per square foot.

Generally, Heavy Copper PCB technology relates to the complicated switches that are introduced in a compact space. It optimally combines the circuitry for high levels of current in addition to a good device for heat dissipation.

Multilayer as well as double sided designs are most commonly known choices of Heavy Copper PCB. This thick copper technology makes it possible to combine a universal layout structure in the external layers and an integration of heavy layers of copper in the internal layers.

An interested buyer of Heavy Copper PCB can certainly rely upon, since they are a total solution for all your PCB needs, immaterial of it being the prime design, prototyping, assembly or the manufacture of the product.

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The advantage of choosing

They are the manufacturers of the circuit boards with as high as thirty layers of copper. The existing material variety avails countless combination possibilities. There is an extremely thin material component that starts with a thickness of as low as 0.05mm. From printed circuit boards to Heavy Copper PCB, they are the vital producers on a large scale and last but not least, these products are manufactured in series quality.

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