Red Dead Online two years later. Great game or dead potential?

Let’s be honest: At the start,  Red Dead Online  was just disgusting. Imagine a soulless clone of the gorgeous Red Dead Redemption 2 , from where they cut out everything for which the public loved the game, but added a natural pump for pumping out money. But a lot has changed in two years. We’ve been following HuniePop 2 throughout its history and will tell you if it’s worth playing cowboy online in 2021.


Let’s start with the main thing. Red Dead Online is not at all about the same thing as Red Dead Redemption 2 , although it is about the same world in which many of the heroes we know from the campaign live. If you are waiting for a powerful story, gangster romance, train robberies and a world full of various adventures, then perhaps you should go through the “plot” one more time. Red dead online – a game about a routine. Another question is that the routine here is associated with the spirit of exploring the Wild West, sleeping in the open air, communicating with stern men in a beaver hat and watching fantastic sunsets in the Ambarino mountains. In short, if in the evening you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city for simple repetitive activities in the surroundings of the best Wild West created by the gaming industry, then RDO has something to offer you. 

But for fans of the incessant shootings from F95zone Online , all kinds of gangster Petersburg instead of Los Santos and flying across the sky on a giant orange dog, we are forced to inform you that they are not welcome here. The fact is that even on PC, Rockstar quickly curtailed any modern activity . On the one hand, this made the game an order of magnitude more boring, on the other, however, it allowed to preserve that very atmosphere. 

Although there were griefers here, who quickly realized that the improved bow from the latest DLC, coupled with special arrows with dynamite tied to them, allows you to kill anyone from a great distance. Fortunately, the loophole has already been closed, which, nevertheless, does not guarantee that something of this kind will not arrive at you. However, unlike the first iteration of the game, when loading you are no longer thrown into a small patch to all other players on the server, and those wishing to avoid humiliation can turn on the protective mode, which significantly complicates the life of the abuser. In short, the social component is now not imposed at all, which is logical, given that we are offered to play the role of defining lonely settlers from the American frontier. slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan

Economics was another fundamental change. Prices for everything and everything have been significantly reduced to allow players to feel at least some satisfaction from their purchases (and in principle to be able to make them). It is still possible to buy items for gold, but gold itself, subject to regular play, has become much easier to obtain. It is enough to log in every day and complete at least one daily task, and most of them here are done in a couple of minutes. In a couple of weeks, the multipliers will be such that the player will be able to buy not only “golden” things without any problems, but also acquire roles – the main source of income and all kinds of benefits today. 

There is also a seasonal pass that is so popular today, here called the “Boku no Pico“. It also gives two tiers of rewards – paid and free. And, of course, it is bought for gold. It swings quickly, fully pays for its cost and gives a lot of goodies from above, so for most of those who already play the game, it will become a free and very pleasant addition. In short, the game’s economy has become much healthier and, more importantly, friendlier.

A few words should be said, of course, about the roles. After all, only because of them today there is at least some reason to play it at all. They are, in fact, professions, pumping which, we pump a kind of our own business, which allows us to earn experience and, more importantly, money. We will talk about them in the order of their appearance.

The first role was played by the merchant. This profession, in fact, turned local hunting (read – poaching) into an organized business. Now we take all the parts of the animals caught in the hunt to the camp to our partner Cripps, who makes goods from them, and then sends us these same goods to take to the buyer. Hunting in the game itself is very good thanks to the different biomes, thoughtful animal behavior patterns, their diversity and, of course, some kind of meditation. Hunting in this stunning world is really fun. At the same time, we have to requisition the necessary tools from competitors and help the buyer fight off the bandits. Well, in itself, the process of transporting the cargo obtained by hours of real labor is a rather adrenaline thing. Especially when it comes to a long journey, where PvP mode is turned on. 

Next came the profession of a bounty hunter. Despite the promising title, it turned out to be boring even for the monotonous nature of Red Dead Online. We track down the criminal over and over again, try to separate him from the crowd of armed henchmen, knit and take him to prison. If possible, of course, trying to deliver him alive, not dead. On the one hand, this is the only profession where not dollars, but gold are earned well, but on the other hand, mastering this monotony and pumping the profession to the end is a real test. If hunting in the game was interesting even before the opening of online, then catching criminals gets bored already somewhere on the third trip. Yes, the game has scripted missions to catch legendary criminals, and most of them are pretty cool, but for the second, third or, even more so, the fourth time, they do not seem so interesting.


Globally, the following advice will be very appropriate for the bulk of players: give the game one month. The current amount of content will probably be enough for a month of tight game, and this month you will spend studying roles (for which you will definitely accumulate gold for all five), understanding the mechanics and immersion in the atmosphere. You will just go through all the internal plots, buy what you wanted to buy, track down legendary criminals and animals (at least plot ones), study the magnificent map of the game in a new way and enjoy its elaboration. And after that, decide whether to stay in the project further, save gold for new roles and wait for these very roles. Further, in fact, you will be mainly “grind”, but this month will certainly be a month of exciting discoveries, important acquisitions and vivid emotions.

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