Photoshoot in Honor of the Divorce: Is it too Much?

Weddings, graduations, and anniversaries are all occasions where we may have photographs taken to commemorate the happiest events of our lives. A divorce, even if it is amicable and you can avoid seeing your ex due to online divorce in Kentucky, is not something we tend to look forward to. A couple who had an amicable parting wanted to celebrate their time together with a photoshoot that was centered around the topic of divorce. There were several inscriptions, as well as ex-husbands and ex-wives participating. 

When a woman is in love, she can accomplish anything. And apart – for an even longer period. What did another divorced woman come up with as a way to commemorate the event? Take a look at what I did there! Maybe, you will find some divorce picture ideas for yourself…


Following the divorce of Shalena Casanova and her ex-husband, they became the central characters in the film’s plot. The ex-couple seemed to be having a good time in the photographs. In this case, neither of these two individuals is concerned about what is taking place.

Peaceful parting

One of the images shows Shalena kneeling with a banner that reads, “Will you divorce me?” on it. The “Yes” sign on her ex-lawn husband’s lawn says it all, don’t you think? A tuxedo and white dress from their wedding were also uncovered; they said it was for sale and made light of the fact that they had unintentionally donned it while on vacation. 

According to the parents of the former spouses, divorce is the most prudent course of action to take. They are delighted that their children will grow up to be excellent friends, despite the fact that they have been estranged. Shalena’s Facebook page has been filled with photographs that will make you laugh out loud. Everyone who saw them loved them, including her admirers. 

The ex-couples can be seen in at least one photograph standing in front of posters stating their desire to break their marriage promptly and without hesitation. This group seemed to be having a fantastic time!

«We choose to divorce for the sake of our children»

Shalena shared the photos on Facebook with the caption, “Yes, I’m a little embarrassed about this, but it was a lot of fun.” The celebration of the end of our marriage was fantastic. “It was a really funny joke.” 

“Of course, we will continue to raise our children together,” she stated further in her statement. However, we do not wish to continue to be tied to the family for their sake. For the sake of our two young children, we have decided to end our marriage, which is a simple statement of fact. The idea that being together is healthier for the children is a myth that we refuse to buy. No. They probably don’t want to hear about our disagreements on a daily basis. As a result, I feel we chose the best and most logical course of action possible.


She filed for divorce after 13 years of marriage and had a photoshoot to mark the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She is 47 years old and from the United States of America. 

According to what has already been stated, the frequency of joyous wedding photography sessions would come as no surprise. According to Marie Lolis, divorce was no less of a joyful occasion than the birth of a child. She took a number of photographs with the assistance of her brother’s wife, who is an accomplished photographer.

Show them the attitude!

A banner held by Marie Lolis, who is holding a divorce order in one hand, says, “I wish you the best, but you already have the greatest.” She crushes the glass of the photo frame that contains her wedding photograph with the heel of her shoe. A similar method was used by Marie to dispose of the photograph.

Approved by the audience

When Marie published the photographs on Facebook, they gained 10,000 likes and 6,000 comments before being shared on Twitter, where they received hundreds of thousands of likes. It is not the first time that Marie’s ex-husband has been incarcerated as a result of his drug addiction, according to her. The delight over a divorced woman’s newfound independence was shared by a large number of others for this reason.

As a result, she is pleased with my current situation. Marie Lolis has stated that she relies on her family and close friends for emotional and practical help.


Katherine Marie Haberkorn, of Dubuque, Iowa, celebrated her divorce by posing for a risky picture with her friends. Her wedding cake was destroyed and photos were burned to remember the end of her romance. She hired a local photographer, Angela Josephine Ferraro, to document the end of her relationship.

The inspo

Following the discovery of a “divorce celebration” picture session on Facebook, Ferraro felt compelled to stage her own. She took the choice to go ahead and try it. 

Because Catherine was the only friend of his who was currently going through a divorce, he approached her to see if she would be interested in joining the team creative. She consented to it without hesitation. She makes a claim.

According to Haberkorn, an escape from a bridal gown in a corset and boots signifies “the end of a romantic relationship.” 

“By destroying the cake, I’m expressing my belief that the divorce was for the best!”  — she comes to a close.

The reaction

He was “amazed” by how quickly the images circulated and how many people viewed them after he shared them on Facebook. 

Prior to the release of the album, Ferraro’s Facebook profile had 350 likes, which is a good sign. – “In total, there are more than 14,000 of them in existence today. There have also been a quarter of a million views! So many people have taken the time to look at them and contact me, which is a great pleasure!»

Haberkorn goes on to say that the divorce photo session was “fun” and that she would “recommend it to anyone who would like to replicate her experience and get some divorce pictures ideas». 

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