Photo Editing as a Common Practice in Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a big business. The reason it is a big business is that the fashion industry itself is a multi-billion dollar industry. No fashion product can be sold online or in a retail store without any product promotion. Fashion products are pictured, edited, and then published on eCommerce shops. They are also published on various other advertising media like magazines, billboards, store advertising that are hung on the walls, flyers, catalogs, etc. No matter where the pictures are published, they need to be edited. We are talking about hundreds of millions of images, if not billions of images each year that are in need of being edited. It is a no-brainer that fashion photography editing is a big business.

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar sector that covers production, design, and sales on many different levels. Most of them make use of photography in one way or another. To enhance their visual presentations, platforms like Adobe Express photo size increase functionalities.

Types of Fashion Photography

There is a wide range of fashion photography. Just consider the types of fashion products out there. It will be easy to understand what type of fashion photography is out there. For each type of fashion product, there is fashion photography to suit that particular niche.

There are fashion products like men’s and women’s clothing, summer clothing, fall clothing, winter clothing, there are the clothing of particular types like intimate apparel such a women’s lingerie or men’s underwear, etc. There are other types of fashion products as well such as winter clothing, snow boots, hats, gloves or mittens, etc. Other types of fashion products are also available such as jewelry, watches, women’s designer handbags, scarves, leggings, and what not. Men’s tie also falls under this umbrella. No matter what kind of fashion product we are talking about, we can imagine the type of fashion item photography for it.

Photo Editing Practice in Fashion Industry

Fashion product photo editing is a common practice in this industry. There is a wide range of photo editing that happens in this industry. Some common types of editing are Professional background removal, clipping path, ghost mannequin, image masking like hair or fur masking, photo retouching, etc.

Each type of fashion item has its own editing need. For example, ghost mannequin editing is a common practice is the clothing product industry. With this type of editing, a clothing image is given a particular look that makes the clothing product more appealing to the buyers. Jewelry products also go through editing. They go through the process of background removal with the use of a clipping path, then retouching in a way that the jewelry item shows its true color and shine. This unique color and shine cannot be achieved through photography or photo shoots alone. Photo editing is a must for this type of fashion item.

Photo Editing or No Photo Editing

It is a statistic that photo editing increases product sales. If you post a fashion product or any other consumer product online or on print media with or without product photo editing, ones that are edited will generate more sales, period. It is therefore no brainer that photo editing for consumer products is a must to increase sales.

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