Path of Exile Sentinels: What are They?

And where do you get them?

Path of Exile’s newest expansion introduces Sentinels. They’re curious drone-like objects that help you control the strength of enemies and the loot they drop. Learn all about them in this article. Topics range from what they are and how to maximize PoE currency drops with them. Let’s get started!

What are Path of Exile Sentinels?

They’re handy devices that have a variety of effects. Mainly, you want them to increase the drop rates of certain items. However, they do so by buffing your enemies. It’s a way to increase the risks and rewards of your map runs.

There are three types of Sentinels:

Stalker (red): Acts like a turret, buffing enemies as they come.

Pandemonium (blue): Empowers targets in one burst

Apex (yellow): Only affects rare or unique mobs and has more potent effects

As you run with your Sentinels, you’ll grasp the best timing to call them for the best results. If the enemies come one by one, activating a Pandemonium Sentinel is useless. Similarly, when you’re not expecting rare or unique creatures to appear, you don’t have to bring along an Apex one.

Sentinels have their modifiers, which affect various aspects. Some might buff you when active or have their duration lengthened. Pick the ones you can make use of the most. There are also five base types. You need to know that Cobalt and Bronze ones are the worst while Obsidian is the best.

They have a set number of charges, indicating how many times you can use them. Depleted ones can still have a purpose, though! You can combine Sentinels (charged or not) to make another fully charged one using a Power Core. The result will have a mixture of the mods and traits of its ingredients. Sometimes, this can be different. It could be mutated or a unique you can only get through this process.

The PoE Sentinel Controller

You can modify Sentinels, even more, using the Sentinel Controller. It’s like a circuit board that changes some traits of the object. If you get enough upgrades, you can bring along three on your map runs. Experimenting with various node combinations is easy as it won’t cost anything to respec the controller.

It’s free to switch up the active nodes, and you’re encouraged to do so to find what works for you. You’ll start being able to activate only a few modifications, but as you play, it’ll increase. You won’t be able to use all the nodes on the controller, making you choose a configuration that focuses on one or two things.

Where to Find PoE Sentinels

As you run maps, you’ll encounter Sentinels as drops. Higher-leveled and specific modifiers on maps might also influence its drop rate. Some may be found in chests or destructible items. At any rate, keep playing the game, and you’ll find them.

There will come a time when you’ll have so many of them, and you need to figure out which to trash and which to keep. Here’s how you can filter your Sentinels.

First, list what characteristics or modifiers you want and don’t want. Do it on Notepad, where you can easily copy-paste it into the game.

Next, identify your Sentinels using scrolls.

Then, using the list(s), start sorting out the ones you want and don’t want. Designate one stash tab as ‘keep’ if convenient for you.

After that, it’s only a matter of selling the ones you don’t want and keeping or combining those left behind. Crafting Sentinels can make an even better one or ruin what you’re going for. You’ll have stash tabs full of them, so losing some shouldn’t be too much of a setback.

Farming them isn’t too hard, so you don’t have to go to PoE trade sites so much for them. Even if you’re looking for one with specific mods, you’re better off finding it among piles of loot or trying to make it yourself.

Parting Words

Sentinels are great companions to your map runs. Even if they make your battles more challenging, the rewards would be worth it. Besides, you can at least control the risk and loot you get to a degree with these. That’s more than relying totally on RNG, a one-way ticket to disappointment.

For those looking for the ultimate challenge, some Sentinel-buffed unique or boss monsters might even drop Reombinators. That kind of PoE currency can combine two pieces of equipment (armor, weapons/quivers, or jewelry) into a brand new item. Like Sentinels, the resulting object can have modifiers from one or both ingredients or become a brand new item due to a mutation.

Go and collect, combine, and use your Sentinels! Have fun running maps with these nifty new companions and enjoy Path of Exile’s Sentinel League.

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