Office Declutter: 5 File Cabinet Organization Tips That Really Work

Notice how your mood changes when it’s time to locate a file in the sloppy filling system you have at the office. A disorganized filing system can affect your productivity and, better yet, ruin your mood. It’s time to declutter all the files you have in the cabinets and come up with a good filing system.

If you’ve no idea how you can organize files in your office to have an easier time locating them, this is the article for you. Read along to get five file cabinet organization tips that can work.

1. Have a Filing System

The first step you ought to take when organizing your files is to have a system you can always follow. The system will be your reference point which will entail the method by which you will be arranging your files. Think of it as a framework or guide as to which you will be basing your file organization.

You want to create such a system in order to have consistency in how you keep your papers and documents. The system should be simple to comprehend to make it seamless for other employees to adopt those practices when filing. The system’s main purpose is to make it easy to locate and store files.

2. Create File Names

You need to have concise and clear file names to make it easy to locate documents within the same category. The file’s name should describe what is inside to make it easy to locate a file once you read the label. Be careful not to create duplicate file names, which can end up creating a lot of confusion later.

To put this into perspective, you can label your files as follows, telephone bills, electricity bills, and cable bills. Don’t make the mistake of having a generic file name for all your utility bills. Finding a specific document will take a lot of time when you mix up different documents in one file.

3. Purchase Filing Supplies

You will need to purchase some filing supplies for your office organization. This includes purchasing the filing cabinet you will store your files, hanging folders, and hanging folder tabs.

Ensure you have all the supplies you need so that you have a consistent filing system. Go to to source your legal supplies.

4. Prepare the File Folders

Once you have all the supplies you need, it’s time to label the files using either a pencil or a marker. Remember the file names I told you to come up with? Now is the time to use them by labeling the file folders you have depending on the number of files you need.

5. Place the File Folders in the Cabinet

Place all the papers and documents into the file folders you have named according to where they suit. Arrange the documents inside the file folders in chronological order. Then place the file folders in a similar order inside the cabinets.

Get an Edge in File Cabinet Organization

Office organization should no longer be a daunting task. Incorporate the above pointers in your file cabinet organization to have a smooth filing system.

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