Natural Cleaning Solution Alternatives in Mount Pleasant

Want to keep your home spotless and are looking for some good natural cleaning solutions? Then we have got your back! Natural products yield much better results than chemical ones, and thus, natural cleaning in Mount Pleasant has seen such a boom in the last few months! 

Wish to know which natural cleaning solution alternatives to using in Mount Pleasant? Then read on to learn more!

Alternatives of Natural Cleaning Solution

  1. Borax

Borax is a salt compound that can be used in a variety of ways at home. Just pour some in your toilet, rub it around with the toilet brush, and let it sit a little before flushing. And guess what, you can even use it as a bath and shower scrub if you make a paste of it! 

Borax can eliminate carpet stains, deodorize waste bins and bags, and in other cleaning works. Talk about being an all-rounder! It’s a must-have for being such an eco-friendly cleaning tool, and it can take care of any bathroom or kitchen cleaning at all times.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda, like Borax, is a powdered chemical with a wide range of applications. It can be used to make a paste for washing tiles and tubs, to help whiten laundry, and can be used as a deodorizer.

It can also help whiten teeth! Baking soda can be found at practically any supermarket such as Walmart or Target, or even your local grocery store!

  1. Vinegar

During natural cleaning in Mount Pleasant, many households are opting for white vinegar and with good reason! Windows and glass are cleaned, surfaces are sanitized, stains from clothes and surfaces are removed, mould is killed, and so much more can be done with some simple vinegar!

You may make an easy cleaning solution by mixing vinegar with essential oils of your choosing and a little water in a spray bottle. Forgotten to put your laundry in the dryer? No worries – remove the musty odour by rewashing your garments with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. What a versatile cleaning product to have at home!

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, which is made up entirely of water and oxygen, is a very safe and powerful disinfectant. To use inside your fridge or counters, pour either pure (3%) hydrogen peroxide or a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water into a spray bottle.

You can also use this mixture to sanitize wooden cutting boards before you start to use them. If your drains need a thorough cleaning, mix some baking soda with just a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and let it bubble away all the dirt. Because it is friendly on septic systems, hydrogen peroxide is also an excellent toilet bowl cleaner. It’s also an excellent bleach replacement for stain removal and whitening your laundry.


Natural cleaning in Mount Pleasant has been incorporated in many homes due to the easy availability of these household products and the superb cleaning they provide. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest grocery or convenience store and get these products mentioned above to keep your home spotless clean all year round! 

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