Nail Ideas You’ll Want to Try Now

As the future remains hazy, we can at least count on the stunning nail ideas set to dominate 2023. Rather than scouring the internet yourself, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the most eye-catching trends that have surfaced lately. 

From revamped French manicures to rainbow and velvet nails that can easily be tackled at home (just make sure to brush up on your home nail painting skills first), there’s something to suit every mood, style, and nail shape. So, whether you plan to visit a salon or go DIY, check out these must-try nail ideas for next year.

  1. Velvet Nail Ideas

Velvet nails have been all the rage on Instagram for the holiday season, and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. If you want to try this mesmerizing style, consider toning it down by adding a touch of sparkle to the tips. This will give you all the drama of velvet nails without overwhelming your look. Just be prepared for all the compliments you’ll receive when people see these nails in motion!

  1. Checkerboard

The checkerboard pattern has been popping up all over the fashion scene lately, and it’s no surprise that it’s also made its way to nails. This colorful design is sure to make a statement, and keeping it confined to the tips of your nails only adds to the quirk factor. So why not try this trend and show off your playful side?

  1. Pastel Swirls

The combination of metallic, pastel and Ombre tones in this nail look is nothing short of mesmerizing. It’s almost as if just looking at it has a calming effect! The best part is that these nails are actually nail wraps, making it easy to achieve the same look at home. So, if you’re in need of a little relaxation, why not try out these serene nail ideas? You’ll love the soothing vibes it gives off.

  1. White And Black Buds

There’s something about the combination of white and black that makes for really striking nail ideas. The graphic contrast is especially eye-catching when paired with something traditionally feminine, like flowers. So why not give this cool and edgy look a try? Whether you go for a more subtle design with just a few pops of color or go all out with a full-on floral masterpiece, you’re sure to turn heads with this stylish nail look.

  1. Sleek Skittles

The Skittles mani, also known as rainbow nails with a different shade on each nail, has been a major trend for the past few years. If you want to give this look a try, consider updating it with a faded color palette. This will give you all the fun of a rainbow manicure but with a more subtle and sophisticated twist. So why not try this trend and show off your playful side? You’ll love how the faded colors add a whimsy to your look.

  1. Graphic Edge

Negative space nail art is a classic look that will always be cool, and these particular black and gold nail ideas are particularly eye-catching. The graphic lines and pops of metallic shine make for a bold and sophisticated look that’s sure to turn heads. So why not try this trend and show off your edgy side? You’ll love how the negative space adds a touch of drama to your look.

  1. Foil French

This green foil French manicure is the ultimate combination of some of the coolest nail looks of the year. The bold color and metallic finish make for a statement-making look that’s sure to turn heads.

  1. Pink Ombre

If you can’t decide on just one shade for your nails, why not put your polish collection to work by using a different tone of the same color on each nail? You can also achieve a similar effect by mixing your base shade with varying levels of white. 

This creates a cohesive look that’s still full of visual interest. So why not try this trend and show off your love for color? You’ll love how this playful manicure adds a whimsy to your look.

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