My Roof Is Leaking What Should I Do?

A sudden rainstorm hits home and, what do you know, there’s a leak in your roof! Or a leak could have just sprung out of nowhere. Either way, you panic and rush to open your phone and search “my roof is leaking; what should I do?”

Now you’re here, let’s alleviate your worries and run through some solutions to your leaking roof. We’ll be honest and say initially there’s not much you can do other than try and stem the flow of water damaging aspects of your home. But what’s more important is you get the roof fixed before the water causes any further damage to your home.

So now, let’s run through some leaky roof solutions.

My Roof Is Leaking What Should I Do?

The first thing you need to do is figure out whether if water is coming in from outside or whether it’s piping in your home that’s causing your roof to leak. If it’s a piping issue, you’ll need a plumber along with roof repair professionals too.

If water is coming in from outside your home, one of the first things you can do is put a tarp over the problem area. Although, if you’re not confident to climb up to your roof, it may be better to wait for the pros.

Shift Things and Contain the Water

First and foremost, you should shift anything in your home that is exposed to the water from the leaking roof. The last thing you want is valuable furniture, rugs, and ornaments damaged.

Various fabrics collect water and will eventually give off a fusty mildew-like smell if you leave them. So clear the area and get buckets or any similar containers to collect the water. Furthermore, you can spread plastic bags or any other waterproof material across the area exposed to the leak.

Relieve Any Water Pressure

Look at where your roof is leaking and try to figure out if there is a bulge that look’s as though it’s sagging. If you notice this, it’s an indication that water is collecting in that area of your roof.

To relieve the water pressure in that area, and prevent the whole roof from caving in, find a screwdriver. Then, wherever the bulge is lowest, make a careful puncture to allow the water to flow through the small opening.

After that, place a bucket or other large container beneath the hole to collect the water. You may need to make more than one puncture if the water leaking from the ceiling is more extensive. Or better yet, call up roof repair professionals to do this for you and fix your roof as soon as possible.

Take Photos

You might be thinking the last thing you need to do in this scenario is to take photos! However, the reason you should take photos from various angles of your leaking roof is for insurance purposes.

When you file an insurance claim later down the line, photo evidence should work well in your favor. Also, ensure you take photos of any belongings that the leaking roof damaged. This can include furniture, TVs, computers, bedding, and sofas, for example.

Prevent Further Roof Damage

When pondering the question, “my roof is leaking; what should I do?” the best answer is to call in professionals to repair your roof. Putting off roof repair can cause hellish damage to your home and belongings, and how can you be so sure that the insurance will cover it all?

Thanks for checking out this post, and good luck dealing with your roof problem! Once you’ve dealt with this issue, why not come check out our blog for more helpful tips?

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