Music as an Eternal Life-changer

Music has become an integral part of our daily lives. From us humming a tune that we heard from our morning radio to a melody we can’t get out from our head to a newly released music from our favorite artists that got us hooked from its refrain down to its chorus that we have memorized by heart, to lay down to sleep still thinking of the commercial song we heard that got us a last-song-syndrome. And now, think about how our life would be without this life grace in our world. It is a world devoid of beauty and liveliness, and all lovely sounds will cease to exist.

Music has brought so much life to our dull and monotonous existence. It has healed countless ailing hearts, mend broken souls, and given a little bounce to our steps. Here are some reasons as to how music may have drastically changed your view about life.

1. A universal language and the universe’ language

Music has existed since time immemorial. One can trace music to our ancestors wherein music has played a different role as it appeals more to our culture then. Now, music has an added value as it serves as a universal language that bridges the cultural differences of people around the world. Despite the existing diversity and language barrier, one can still bond with one another from across the border as they connect in a spiritual sense. A perfect example would be Korean pop or “pop” as people have dubbed which has taken the whole world in a storm. Although foreign translation has played a great part in communicating the message, it is irrefutable that fans are captivated with the flow of music, the beats, and melody which can be a giveaway to the gist of its message even though they don’t know a speck of word from the foreign music. Not only does it connect people throughout the world, but music has also been a key factor in raising awareness of the happenings in our surroundings. It has been a thousand times or more that music has been used to highlight societal issues and a call for help, in celebrating monumental events or expressing the mundane life of a society.

2. Music as a therapy

As the popular saying goes “music is the only medicine the heart and soul need”, music has been the cheapest remedy we can have to heal our weary and flickering life embers.   Truly, music has been therapeutic as it improves people’s quality of life. Surely, you have caught yourself feeling low and blue, then a piece of melodious and meaningful music comes around from your newly acquired stereo gear supply which mystically brightens your mood and uplifts your spirit. 8 out of 10 people can attest that this happens multiple times in their lives. Music therapy has been gradually becoming a trend, especially in these trying times during pandemics as people turn to music for support, stress management, and pursuit of health and happiness.

3. Music can shift our perspective

It has been proven by researchers from the University of Groningen that music is not limited to affecting people’s mood, but it also can change the way individuals perceive the world. You might have a puzzling episode where you view your ordinary and repeating music in a new light after listening to it in a new circumstance. In an attempt to reminisce and feel a sense of nostalgia, you have scrolled down on your music playlist and decided to have soft background music. But because of the mood and genre of the music, you are hit with sentimentality and blue feels that is tenfold. As an explanation, researchers Jacob Jolji and Maaike Meurs from Groningen University highlighted that even if there is nothing to see, one can relate expects on the basis of what they know about the world as such they see a happy face when listening to lively and upbeat music and a melancholic expression to sad music.

4. It is a perpetual influencer

From old-age music to the latest trend, music has been a consistent influencer and is fully packed with a meaningful message.   Numerous classic music that can be traced back to the times of our parents or perhaps to our grandparents is still popular to the new generation with an abundant rendition. Its longstanding popularity can be attributed to its evocative message that taps on our emotions and has made a deep-rooted impact on our lives. Time may have continuously run, yet music still remains its glorified presence and has still been good just as it was then.  

Undeniably, music has been an irreplaceable companion for our life. Not only does it heal our minds and heart, but it also helps bring people together. The power of music is not confined to the limits of entertainment but it also goes beyond that- with music becoming a therapy for special individuals and a means of support for others. With music, days can be a little bit better, enjoyable, and bearable. 

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