Modern and Trendy Luxury Kitchen Designs

Kitchen accessories such as pots, pans, utensils, rugs and more often than not are associated with luxury kitchens. One of the foremost symbols of a luxury kitchen however, is a pot filler. This little detail can really make a world of difference especially for serious cooks, especially for preparing elaborate dishes for parties and other occasions where having all your tools organized in one place is a must. Pot fillers come in so many different types such as marble, wood, copper and even plastic. There are several ways in which you can utilize a pot filler to make your kitchen more functional.

Wooden Kitchens have always been an essential part of European kitchens. However, they can appear very bland and simple if there are no design elements in place to draw attention to them. To add some character to your wooden kitchen, consider adding a decorative wall mount sink that can be mounted on the wall. A wooden wall mount sink can also help blend your counter top into your cabinetry and make it seem more streamlined. European kitchen designs often times utilize solid wood doors with a plate rail.

Marble Kitchens Marble is one of the more expensive materials to purchase when building a luxury kitchen however, it can also create a stunning visual appeal. Many custom kitchen designers have used marble for their luxury kitchen designs. Some of these European kitchen designs use a very simple color palette that utilizes mostly white and dark gray. This simple palette allows the marble to visually pop out and stand out from the rest of the cabinets and counters.

White Kitchens are usually associated with clean lines and simplicity. The color scheme of white kitchen cabinets has remained fairly consistent over the years and does not take away from the look of a luxury kitchen. In recent years there have been a few manufacturers who have introduced modern white cabinets into their line of appliances and fixtures. These white kitchens can incorporate some elements of the classic white color scheme or they can remain as simple as possible.

Nifty and Chic Shapes Small details such as light fixture additions, door pulls, lighting and flooring can all make a big difference in creating the type of luxury kitchens that people envision. When small details are considered, these can add significantly to the cost of building luxury kitchens. However, by paying attention to the little details these small details. Can add to the feel of the room and to the overall value of your home.

European Wood All woods are becoming very popular with today’s modern kitchen design trends. There are many advantages to choosing wooden over traditional materials. One of the main advantages is the look and feel of the wood. While European hardwoods do generally require more maintenance. Than American hardwood, they come in a wide variety of shades and grains. This allows a person to create a kitchen design that is unique to their home. While still maintaining the authenticity and sophistication of the surrounding style and design.

Whiteboards and Tiles With the introduction of whiteboards into kitchens. There has been an increase in the use of stenciling as well. This allows for a smooth transition between chalk and dry erase markers. Tiles also have a similar application process. Many people prefer these two finishes because they are easier to clean and apply than chalk boards. Tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns. Which allow a person to choose the best for their home.

These timeless colors can be used throughout a home. In any area of the home including the living room and bath. The addition of some wall art provides additional appeal and creates a focal point in a room. Some of the most popular wall decor for these timeless kitchen designs are pictures of sailing boats. Lighthouses, gardens, and even American flags. Luxury kitchen designs should be reflective of a quality lifestyle and home, but still retain a comfortable and inviting feel.

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