Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Mexico vs France Full Match Highlights

Mexico vs France Full Match Highlights – In this match of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Mexico and France team were face to face. This match was being played in Tokyo Stadium. This stadium is located in the Chōfu, Tokyo.

First Half Mexico 0-0 France

Mexico’s team maintained its dominance from the first half. The French team was also showing a good game but seemed to lag behind Mexico. Both the teams got many such opportunities in the first half where the goal could have been scored. But both the teams failed to score any goal.

The first half ended in a draw of 0-0.

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Second Half Mexico 4-1 France

From the beginning of the second half, Mexico’s team showed an attacking game. They soon got the benefit of which. When A. Vega got the opportunity in the 47th minute, he scored the first goal for his team. Thanks to this goal, Mexico took a 1-0 lead in this game.

The French team was still recovering from this goal that S. Córdova scored another goal in the 55th minute. With this goal, Mexico strengthened its hold in this game and went 2-0 ahead.

France was also trying desperately to make a comeback in this game. In the 69th minute, when he got a golden opportunity in the form of a penalty, France did not let this opportunity go from his hand. And scored Mexico’s first goal. This goal was scored by A. Gignac of France. After this goal, the score of the match became 2-1.

The French team, who were hoping to make a comeback in this game, suffered a major setback when U. Antuna scored France’s third goal in the 80th minute. This goal completely broke the hope of a return to France. And the victory of Mexico was confirmed.

When this half was about to end, E. Aguirre scored another goal in the 90th minute. And gave his team a 4-1 lead in this game.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Mexico vs France Full Match Highlights

Mexico vs France Full Match Highlights
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This game was easily won by Mexico by defeating France 4-1. In this game, the team of Mexico appeared in different form.


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