Memorializing Your Loved One: Why You Should Consider Planting A Tree

Saying goodbye may never be easy. Grieving for the dead is not easy, but paying tribute to their memory may be a way to find some solace and comfort. While traditional memorials such as headstones and plaques are ubiquitous, remember that planting a tree in their honor is also great. 

A Living Tribute to those we love can be accomplished in many ways, and planting a tree in memory is one of the most beautiful and meaningful ways of expressing our feelings. Not only that, but it’s more than a single occasion; it’s a present that lasts through the ages. If you plant a tree in memory of someone, you honor them and provide a heritage that enhances today’s and tomorrow’s communities. 

Your memorial tree can be seen as a tribute building that embodies life, nature, and reincarnation. This tribute is an excellent opportunity to plant a tree and, at the same time, participate in reforestation efforts. A century from now, this tree’s life will be a tribute to its memory at the core of nature’s endeavor.

The Benefits of Planting a Memorial Tree

Creates Lasting Tribute

A memorial tree is a living tribute that will get progressively bigger and stronger as years pass. It is a place of remembrance where loved ones and friends can visit and recall the dearly remembered moments.

It Is a Way to Care for The Environmental 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen. By planting a tree in memory, you help to keep water sources clean and improve the quality of drinking water for millions of people who depend on forests for clean water. Also, trees serve as a key habitat for animal species, helping to maintain biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.

Supports Reforestation Efforts

If you Plant a tree in memory, you promote national and communal reforestation activities. Your gift can help restore and protect the indispensable National Forests and keep them beautiful. Besides just planting a tree, you also personalize the tree with a card embellished with words honoring the memory of your dear one.

It is Simple and Affordable

Planting a tree in honor of someone is easy and affordable. Depending on your personal choice and financial situation, you can plant one tree or even a whole grove. When you plant a tree in memory of someone, you create an eye-catching and eco-friendly gift that will always be remembered.

You make a Difference

Your gift makes a difference. With each order, trees that need restoration are planted under the supervision of the Forest Service in national forests and state parks. Every 1,000 new planted trees will restore four acres of forest and create critical wildlife habitat.


A tree planted to honor a departed loved one becomes an immortal and beneficial symbol for today and the future. It is a heritage, represented as a proud memorial and a metaphor for life, growth, and rebirth. Each tree you plant brings you closer to a significant achievement of reforestation, encouraging you to conserve and safeguard wonderful National Forests. 

Your gift also benefits the environment, providing cleaner air, water, and vital wildlife habitat. Planting a tree is one of the most affordable and simple ways to honor your loved one’s memory and be environmentally conscious.

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