Maintenance Tips For Aviator Sunglasses: You Must Know About

When it comes to something as delicate as Aviator sunglasses, we don’t want to take any kind of risk. Since it is our prized possession, we have to be extra careful about it. If you handle and maintain them properly, these Aviator sunglasses can last for more than ten years. In this article, we will discuss some popular sunglasses maintenance tips that will help you keep them in top condition.

Tips for maintaining your Aviator sunglasses

Here is how you can take care of your Aviator sunglasses by yourself:

Don’t use any kind of harmful cleaning materials

While cleaning your Aviator sunglasses, don’t use any harsh cleaning materials such as vinegar, alcohol, household cleaner, etc. Furthermore, don’t apply common yet wrongful practices such as breathing on your glass and then wiping it off. Microfiber cloths are the best solution for cleaning Aviator sunglasses,            and if they get dirty, you can always wash them or purchase a new one.

Protection from the scratches

The lens of the sunglasses is always prone to scratch marks. Especially if you are using a glass lens instead of polycarbonate, then they are more likely to receive scratches. For this particular reason, you need to store your sunglasses in the case, even if it is made out of polycarbonate.

Don’t just casually keep your Aviator sunglasses in your laptop bag, pocket, or inside purse because these actions will definitely lead to scratches in your sunglasses. More importantly, avoid putting together your sunglasses with denim fabric, keys, pens, etc. They are the common reason why sunglasses have scratch marks on them.

If you have Aviator sunglasses, then keeping them in a hard case would be the most ideal option. However, if you are not willing to carry a hard case with you, the least you can do is put it in a microfiber pouch. The microfiber pouch will function both as your protective case for the glasses and as a cloth for cleaning the lenses. 

Don’t use detergent to wash your Aviator sunglasses.

Create a separate kit for your sunglasses

Since taking care of your Aviator sunglasses is extremely important, you should think about creating a separate cleaning kit for your sunglasses which consists of microfiber clothes, washing liquid, etc. You can also use a professional lens cleaning solution and keep everything on a hard case for protection.

Remove the smudges and grime from your sunglasses

If you have already used Aviator sunglasses before, then you already know the fact that sunglasses catch dirt very easily. For example, dirt can get stuck on your Aviator sunglasses while you are roaming outside; it can also get salt or chlorine from swimming pools or the ocean, oils from your skin, and even some residuals from the makeup.

To protect your Aviator sunglasses, you will have to regularly clean your sunglasses, at least once or twice a week. More importantly, the frequency needs to be increased during summer. By cleaning your sunglasses at least once a day during the summer, you will increase the durability of your sunglasses.

The cleaning process is simple. You will have to have clean and dry hands. Use lukewarm water to rinse your Aviator sunglasses, and then use a little bit of dishwashing soap to clean the glass as well as the edge and then again rinse it off with warm water. Don’t use any kind of moisturizer or detergent because it will ruin the lens.

While drying the Aviator sunglasses, make sure to use a microfiber cloth and not paper because papers have wood fibers that will ruin your lens. Don’t use your shirt or any other cloth. Once a year, you can opt for ultrasonic cleaning of your Aviator sunglasses by going to an optician.

Wear and hold your Aviator sunglasses in an appropriate manner

Although a lot of people use sunglasses, we do not actually know the proper way to wear and hold them. It is not recommended to touch the glass or the arm while wearing the Aviator sunglasses. Instead, you should hold it by the bridge and use both arms when you are keeping it away.

Don’t keep your Aviator sunglasses in your car

If order to maintain the longevity of your Aviator sunglasses, you need to throw away common malpractices such as keeping your sunglasses on the dashboard of your car or keeping them within your car̥ during hot summers.

Extreme heat is not good for your Aviator sunglasses. While we park our car, we keep the windshield of the car on, which means the inside of the car gets extremely hot. As a result, the lenses on the Aviator sunglasses will deteriorate, and more importantly, the anti-reflective, as well as mirror coatings in your glass, shrug off. If you are not wearing Aviator sunglasses while you are driving, keep them in a hardcover and carry them with you whenever or wherever you go.

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