Magical Career Paths: A Guide to Becoming a Disney Travel Planner

Yes, working in a “world of magic” is possible! My family and I love to jump out and go on an adventure. I wanted to find out how I could find the best deals for our trips. Finding out about the amazing access and price breaks travel planners, I knew I found my ticket. 

When I was researching tips on becoming a fantastically successful Disney travel planner, I came across a lot of helpful and non-useful advice. Thankfully, after careful consideration I was able to narrow it down to three simple things.

Let’s take a look at how you can master the art of magic adventure planning.

You Need 3 Things to Become an Awesome Disney Travel Planner

Trust me, the things listed below have been such a help for me. If you take the time to regularly invest in your planning, you’ll find opportunities will continue to come in for you.

1) Find a Way to Get Stellar Deals You Can Share with Your Network

You need a reason that people should want to use your services over doing it on their own. The best way to do this is find deals that others can’t. I’ve found partnering with “host agencies” is the easiest way. 

Host agencies have sometimes spent decades working with places like Disney and Universal. With these long standing relationships, they’ve gained access to amazing deals and unique trip packages. When you partner with them you get access as well.

2) Regularly Connect with the People You Know and Meet New People

Once you have your Disney deals, you’re ready to start sharing with your friends and family. Even acquaintances you know might want to know. Let them know you now can get great deals, and ask if they want to keep in the loop.

You’ll also want to spend time meeting new people, expanding your network. There are different “meet-up” and networking groups you can join. But also think out of the box with things like volunteering at your kids school or at your church.

3) Create a Schedule for Your Travel Planning “Chores”

Really, this is the best suggestion I can give to you. Keeping a solid schedule makes sure I stay on track. I like to create a calendar for a quarter of the year at a time. That way I’m not having to keep planning every month.

On your schedule you should put your regular connections with the people you have in your life. You can do emails and text alerts for any new deals you’ve found. But also make sure you just put time to connect on a personal level as well.

Magic as Easy as One, Two, Three!

Now you can see just how simple it is to become a Disney travel planner. Yes, it’s true you need dedication. That’s why you don’t want to skip making yourself a good schedule. Spending regular time on your venture is the sure way to succeed. I know you’ve got this!

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