Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots Prices and Details

Lahore Smart City (LSC) is a significant project under development by Habib Rafiq Ltd with Future Development Holdings. This housing society has launched commercial plots. Initially, it is planned on more than 20000 canals with global standards of infrastructural development, similar to that of Capital City Islamabad. The location of this housing society makes it a worthy prospect for real estate investments in the mid-long term. Like Capital Smart City Islamabad, this society would also comprise of two blocks: Executive and Residential.

Surbana Jurong, a Malaysian firm that focuses on modern infrastructure all around the globe, has designed this project, which proves that one can get the most modernized and secure community based on international standards. This project has successfully obtained the approval of the Lahore Development Authority to fill the living desires of its residents.


The majority of the commercial center of Lahore is a few minutes away from the location of society. The new campus of UET Lahore is reachable in the Western direction of this project. Well established residential projects of Lahore, i.e. Allama Iqbal Airport and DHA, are only 18 minutes away from the project’s location. Furthermore, it is accessible from Grand Trunk world along with Lahore-Sialkot Motorway.

Booking Procedure:

The first step is consultation from an Asset Manager in a real estate Marketing Firm. He would provide information about the feature and location of the project alongside explaining the potential of the investment.

Secondly, the client has to provide his and his nominee’s CNIC copy along with his own two passport size Photographs.

Thirdly, the asset manager would help in filling the booking form once the documents are submitted.

Finally, the client would have to attach the payment instrument.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan 2021

For every investor, a payment plan remains the primary concern. So, the developers are providing reasonable prices with a flexible instalment proposal of 3 years. The prices are as follows:

Executive Block (Residential)

The commercial plots are currently available for bookings, especially for overseas Pakistanis. Moreover, the booking rates of 4 Marla plots in the Overseas block are PKR 945,000, and Executive block ranges around PKR 895000. Similarly, the price of 8 Marla plots in Executive Block varies around PKR 1745000, and in Overseas block, it is around PKR 1795000

Society Features

The purpose of the housing society is to give exceptional and environmentally sustainable services to its inhabitants. Following are some of its features:

Quality and Calm Living

The developers have designed this project to create a socially pleasant environment to provide residents with a peaceful and attractive lifestyle. It would be a hub of leisure and commercial activities.

Better Transport Facility

All the planners of this project are working hard to ensure a comfortable and straightforward travelling source within and outer premises of the Smart City. It has a link of roads connecting residents with other routes, making it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to travel. The project aims to have an extraordinary infrastructure of transport with greater efficiency.

Iconic Heritage

This housing society aims to become an iconic location for local and international occupants due to its incomparable services and structure. Its conveniences and buildings would be a magnificent part of modern design. Many cultural and religious places would be constructed, which would showcase the smart city as an epitome of uniqueness.

Safety Measures

The Capital Smart City is bringing the CCTV camera with facial and object recognition. It has efficient world-class security and highly-trained security officers at every corner of the smart city. Furthermore, the intelligent features also include residential accommodation to ensure that no subversive activity takes place.

Sustainable Environment

The smart city has involved the preservation of natural resources as a foremost priority. Since its inception, the developers have made sure that the project would not disturb the natural areas of the surroundings.

The smart city includes other necessities such as:

•             Shopping malls and Hotel

•             Sports Clubs

•             Lakes

•             24/7 availability of water, gas & electricity

•             Smart apps for the internet, traffic

•             Green Atmosphere


The Lahore Smart City with innovative and modern architecture is becoming a reality. The developers are planning this housing society with the standards of urban arranging town with overwhelmingly robotic apparatuses. This housing society is constantly improving its infrastructure by utilizing housing information and other technological means. It is a lifetime chance for the investors to invest in this project.

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