Jester Sailing Adventures Offers Thrilling Experiences For All

Jester Sailing Adventures offers complete sailing experiences in the warm waters of Florida. Let the wind sail you away on Full Day Sailing in which offer you an amazing opportunity to take advantage of your full day with many facilities like open air bar, open bar and live music. On the other hand you can also go for a Half Day Sailing under the sunshine and simply swim around and swim with full bar. For hardcore sailors there is the 12-hour non-stop sailing adventure. Whatever adventure you choose you will have an unforgettable experience that you will never forget.

For beginners there are various classes available in different locations and the experience can be made better if you train on a Yacht Charter. This option is best suited for those who want to explore the sport and are experts in sailing. Here you can enjoy learning at the same time as sailing to your heart’s content. If you do not wish to risk your life on the water and want to just relax then there are various fun activities provided for kids too on the charter boat.

The water activities offered for kids include swimming, water skiing, volleyball and softball. For adults they offer fishing and boating too. However, these activities are usually not available during the peak seasons. If you are planning to go for these tours during the peak season, make sure to book well in advance. Booking in advance ensures that there would be no last minute disappointments and your experience will be truly memorable.

There are many activities that you can enjoy at the docks or right at the marina. Most of these activities revolve around the water with some providing a fun experience on land as well. This adventure takes you underwater through waterfalls, channels, lakes and so on. Here you have to balance on a buoy and also perform some acrobatic moves to reach the top.

You have the option of enjoying a lazy day at the shores where you can just relax. You can also try out some wakeboarding, wake-sailing, windsurfing or inline skating. Another option is to engage in water-skiing. This activity requires good skills and practice. In order to master this sport, it is essential that you first learn to balance on a snowboard and learn the skill required to ski on ice.

For the more adventurous ones, they can opt to try out the drift ride. This is the most exciting activity in Jester Sailing Adventures. Here the ship is steered by an expert skipper who teaches the passengers on how to drift while in the water. This experience also provides an excellent opportunity to build up the required physical strength.

In this adventure you can also decide to take a ride on a sloop or a cutter. These ships are generally smaller than the other ships. As such, they provide the opportunity to explore more closely the areas of the ship.

If you think that these activities are not for you then do not worry. Jester Sailing Adventures has a lot more to offer. Apart from these, they also have a variety of fun-filled activities for kids. So whether you want to go on a treasure hunt, or do a kayak fly, or engage in a number of water activities, the possibilities are endless.

The highlight of all these activities is the traditional Caribbean music that is played during the day. You can listen to it as you take a ride on the sloop. At night you can dance to the beats as you pass the deck. During the day, you can engage in water sports. You can play volleyball, water soccer, or engage in various water based games. If none of these options appeal to you, then there are other outdoor activities like bungee jumping and mountain biking.

The best part about all these activities is that it does not require any expertise or experience. Anyone can join in these fun-filled adventures. If you are not then you should consider hiring a guide.

The guide will help you assess the required equipment and tell you what to expect during the adventure. In case you are not good at adventure sports then you should hire a guide who knows all about the activity. If you hire a guide then you need not worry about things like accommodation, food, transport etc. These guides are available at different price ranges and thus you can choose one according to your budget. These guides are also available online, so you can easily book them.

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