UEFA EURO 2020: Italy vs Spain Full Match Highlights

Italy vs Spain Full Match Highlights – In this semi final game of UEFA Euro 2020 Italy and Spain teams are face to face. This match is being played in Wembley Stadium. This stadium is located in  London, England.

First Half Italy 0-0 Spain

Spain played well in the first half. Spain’s team continued to attack Italy’s goal. In this half, there were many occasions for Spain where the goal could have been scored. But they failed to score. Italy’s team seemed to be lagging behind Spain in this half.

The result was that the first half ended without a goal.

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Second Half Italy 1-1 Spain

Spain’s attacking game continued in the second half as well. So on the other hand Italy also changed its game and started playing the attacking game. And soon Italy also got the benefit of this. Federico Chiesa scored in the 60th minute to give his team a 1-0 lead.

Spain also made a quick comeback when lvaro Morata got an amazing pass in the 80th minute, he scored without wasting the chance. And put his team on level in this important game.

This half ended in a 1-1 draw and 30 minutes of extra time was added for the result.

Extra Time First Half Italy 1-1 Spain

Spain and Italy played well in this half. But both the teams could not score any goal in this half and this half also ended in 1-1 draw.

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Extra Time Second Half Italy 1-1 Spain

In this half, both the teams showed a great game. There were many such occasions in this half when it seemed that the goal would be scored but both the teams failed to score any goal.

The game went into penalty shoot-outs to determine the outcome of this game.

Penalty shoot-out Italy 4-2 Spain

In the penalty shoot-out, in response to Italy’s 4 penalties, Spain could only score 2 penalties and lost the match.

UEFA EURO 2020: Italy vs Spain Full Match Highlights

Italy vs Spain Full Match Highlights
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Both teams played really well till end. Italy won this game by defeating Spain in penalty shoot-outs. With this victory, Italy confirmed its place in the finals of EURO Cup 2020. And Spain’s journey in this tournament ended here.


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