UEFA EURO 2020: Italy vs Austria Full Match Highlights

Italy vs Austria Full Match Highlights – In this game of UEFA Euro 2020 Italy and Austria teams are face to face. This match is being played in Wembley Stadium. This stadium is located in London, England.

It is the second game played today of knockout stage. It’s a must win game for both the teams. The team who wins this game will through to the quarter finals.

First Half Italy 0-0 Austria

As we all knew that Italy was the favorite in this game. Italy started in exactly the same way. The Italian team came on the field with full enthusiasm. They continued to attack Austria’s goal. But could not succeed in scoring the goal.

The result of the first half was that both the teams were tied at 0-0.

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Second Half Italy 0-0 Austria

Now all eyes were on the second half. Despite showing the good performance in the game, Italy was not able to score any goal.

Both the teams put their efforts in scoring the goal but neither team got success.

The second half also ended without a goal. Even at the end of the second half the score was 0-0.

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Extra Time First Half Italy 2-0 Austria

When no goal was scored in both the half, extra time of 30 minutes was added to the game. Frustrated without any goal, when the Italian team got a chance in extra time, they did not pass it. In the 95th minute Federico Chiesa scored a goal and put his team 1-0 ahead.

Despite of good defense shown by Austrian team through out the game was failed to stop this goal.

When the first half of extra time was about to end. Then the Italian team ensured their victory by scoring the second goal. This goal was scored by Matteo Pessina in 105th minute.

Extra Time Second Half Italy 2-1 Austria

After scoring two goals in the last half, the Italian team entered the field with full confidence. On the other hand, the Austrian team also entered the field with full enthusiasm to return to this game.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity in the form of a corner in the 114th minute, Austria scored the first goal of the game. Sasa Kalajdzic scored this goal.

UEFA EURO 2020: Italy vs Austria Full Match Highlights

Italy vs Austria Full Match Highlights
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Both the teams showed good game performance. Austria showed a game of excellent defense in this game, due to which no goal was scored in both the half. As a result, extra time was added so that the result of the game could come.

Italy scored 2 goals in first half of extra time and won the match by defeating Austria 2–1.

Italy through to the quarterfinals after winning this game. The journey of Austrian team ended in this tournament with this loss today.


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