Indian grocery store in Berlin is offering whooping discount on this festival season

Avail Amazing Discounts this festive season at the Indian Grocery Store:

Germany is all ready to brighten its streets with festive lights. All the important occasions of the year, especially Rakhi, are only a few days away.

Festive Season across the globe are marked by family and friends’ get-togethers, vacations, shopping and home-cooked food. It also leads to the increased demand for grocery retailers. As a result, consumers reach out to the supermarkets to collect festive essentials.

There are multiple Indian grocery stores in Berlin offering festive items. is one such store that claims to deliver its products in different parts of Europe at cheaper prices. In addition, they deal with multiple national brands providing free deliveries on their orders.  

Indian Grocery Store in Berlin- One-Stop for All Your Needs:

Dookan is a one-stop Indian grocery store dealing with options for desi products and festive items. Additionally, it also provides competitive prices to its consumers adorned with discount and cashback offers.

The store provides beneficial delivery options in different parts of Europe and easy payment gateways. Customers can enjoy free delivery at minimum orders, varying for different cities:

With the arrival of festive seasons, these Indian supermarkets have launched their discount offers and prices for the customers. For example, with, you can get 5%-10% cashback on minimum value orders. Likewise, they offer promotional offers, stock clearance deals, bundle offers and summer sales in different categories.

Indians and all the other citizens can easily avail these offers. All they need to do is select their desired items, add them to the cart and go for the best available offers while checking out, selecting their desired payment method.

 Indian Grocery Store in Berlin Is Offering Amazing Discounts This Festival Season:

Dookan deals with different categories, providing multiple options alternates under each of them. Along with this, it provides different discount offers for all its listed categories.

If you are searching for Indian and desi authentic taste, the website will help you settle your cravings. They offer rice, ghee, wheat, maggie, ketchup, whole grains, lentils, spices, herbs, pickles and various other options. All these options are available at discounted prices, and customers can avail coupon codes. They can also search out for their item under the stock clearance list with unbelievable rates.

179,00 Kč 329,00 Kč

249,00 Kč 349,00 Kč

Customers can also get their hands on best priced fresh vegetables. The webpage is providing these items under sale and has lowered their prices for this category. Additionally, dairy products provided by the website are also under 25% discount and can be clubbed with coupon codes and other offers.

99,00 Kč 150,00 Kč

Bottle Gourd / Lauki (500g) – CZ/SK/Weekend Only!!!

79,00 Kč 99,00 Kč

You can also scroll down the options for lifestyle and beauty products on the website. They have justified their phrase- One Stop Shop by providing numerous options under each category.

They have mentioned a significant discount range for their lifestyle and beauty products, allowing the customers to grab them at the lowest possible prices.

Chandrika Soap (Bundle Of 5 X 75g)

129,00 Kč 145,00 Kč

Those all craving for true Indian spices in Berlin can get their needs fulfilled at This Indian grocery supermarket is dealing with authentic Indian spices, providing original Indian taste in Germany. However, they also provide additional discounts on their herbs and spice category, making it a beneficial deal for customers to shop from the website.

Other than this, they can also scroll down similar options under bundle offers or promotional offers to get the best prices.

Berlin is all set to celebrate the festivals this season with the fullest craze. Festive ceremonies in 2020 were not organized due to the pandemic, which has increased the festival excitement in people there.

Indian grocery stores and supermarkets have also launched their best deals for the year. Customers can easily avail these offers by logging in to the website or visiting the stores personally. These offers and coupons will complete their needs at affordable prices and also allow them to save extra money.

Offers to avail this Festive Season Discount  at

Festive Season is almost around the corner, and Indians in Germany are looking for stores to get options and alternatives for festive items.

Being one of the renowned Indian groceries stores, has already revealed its discounted prices for the customers. Along with this, they have also introduced additional cashback and discount offers, granting an opportunity to get the best deals for their products.

Get your list ready for food and vegetables, dry fruits, snacks, cooking aid, whole grains and cereals, spices as the website will provide you all these options at unbelievable lower prices. has claimed customers to be their priority and works to provide utmost customer satisfaction with their orders. They have also justified the same with easy return and shipping policies. Your order with this website will be shipped in 1-2 working days and will reach you in a maximum of 3-5 working days.

 Don’t miss out on the Weekend Delivery Slots with the website to get free deliveries in Europe!


Indian Grocery Stores are the best option in Germany to get your cravings satisfied. Along with this, they will provide you with real authentic Indian food taste, not possible to get with any other supermarkets or stores. Furthermore, will provide you with the best prices and discount offers that you would not like to miss out on this festive season.

The website’s office is located at Sokolská třída 1263/24, Moravská Ostrava, 702 00 Ostrava, Czechia. To get more details of the platform, you can contact them at +420773848655 / +420773842228.

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