Important Factors For Buying Premium Vape Mods

If you’re looking for the best Premium Vape Mods for Sale, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you about the Truck Mod, AUXO, and Espion Infinite. We’ll also cover the Minikin Kodama and compare them to the top premium mods. There are several factors to consider when buying these products, so keep reading to learn more about them.


If you are looking for a high-end vaporizer, you should check out the SMOK TFV8 mod. This device is a superb choice for people who want to have a sleek and stylish look. The sleek and modern design of the AUXO mod is not compromised by its low functionality. The vape mod’s DNA250C chipset allows it to fire up to 200 watts. It features a bottom battery panel with a flip-open battery compartment. Moreover, a micro-USB charging port is available here for quick battery replacement. Moreover, it can operate at 200 watts and has a temperature control that is accurate from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This device is compatible with most types of atomizers, including those from RDAs and TC tanks.

Espion Infinite

The Espion Infinite is one of the latest 21700 vape mods by Joyetech. Its super cool design is sure to catch your eye and will be an excellent choice for those who prefer vaping hardware with a powerful cloud production and intense flavor. The Espion Infinite is a very well-built device that comes with two 18650 adapters. The Espion Infinite also has a large mirrored LED disco tunnel and fluorescent optical illusion. Moreover, it supports dual 18650 batteries or dual 21700 vape mods.

Truck Mod

If you are a fan of high end vape mods, you can get your hands on the renowned Drip M1P5 Mod LE Setup by Avid Lyfe. Or, if you’re new to vaping, you can get the affordable yet powerful Minikin Kodama by Asmodus. No matter your vaping preferences, you’re bound to find something that fits your taste.

Minikin Kodama

The Minikin Kodama premium vape mod is a wood-based stab vape mod with a 21700 mAh battery capacity. It comes with a sturdy, ergonomic design, a front-loaded battery panel, and non-adjustable copper battery caps. This mod can also be used with dual 18650 batteries in series. In addition to the standard features, the Minikin Kodama offers a few innovative features.

Zelos 3 Mod

The Aspire Zelos 3 Mod is an ultra-modern vape mod that offers powerful battery and user-friendly settings. It comes as part of the Aspire Zelos 3 Kit. The mod has a 3200mAh built-in battery and features Aspire’s ASP chipset, which provides a variety of features. This mod is capable of varying wattage from 5W to 80W, as well as voltage, and includes TC and Bypass modes. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate. The fire button and two adjustment buttons are easily accessible.

Dani Extreme V3

The Dicodes Dani Extreme V3 combines the mechanical mod look with modern regulated gadget features. It features a minimalist tube design with a small OLED display screen and a navigation system for navigating menus. The Dani Extreme V3 comes in a 23 mm and 22 mm size and is available in stainless steel finish. Its laser-engraved logo is sure to get attention wherever it goes.

Rave Mini

The Rave Mini is a highly portable squonk mod that runs on a single 18350 battery. It’s much smaller than its predecessor, but offers many of the same features and benefits. As a smart mechanical mod, it operates on battery voltage and has all the safety features of a regulated device. Other features include 0.2 ohm minimum resistance and a low battery cutoff. It hits the right balance between mech-like performance and portability.

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