IGDownloader – Download and Repost Instagram Videos

In the event that you’ve built marketing campaigns with prominent individuals on Instagram or recorded a piece of content made by a user on Instagram that has great communication value for their items, it’s normal that you’d be wondering how to get that material down. The steps outlined in this article will guide you through the process to download Instagram videos and repost them in a public setting, as well as how to safeguard Instagram videos so that you can keep track of all of your product reviews and product postings.

How to download public videos directly from the Instagram application.

If you wish to download an Instagram video on your smartphone or tablet, you may do it directly from your mobile device by following the steps outlined below. 

  1. Open the Instagram video on your phone and watch it.
  2. Head over to IG Downloader and click on the download video tab. 
  3. Paste the video link in the field provided
  4. Click on the “Share” arrow to the right of the “Share” button in the bottom right corner.
  5. Choose the “Save Video” option from the “Share To” drop-down box.

Once you’ve accomplished the previous five steps, you’re done! Congratulations! Your mobile device now has the Instagram video backup on it allowing you to share it with any friends or family members.

How to download private videos using the page source

It is possible to download a video using this method even if the Instagram video is not accessible to the public. It is necessary to copy the URL for the video from the source code, which may be accomplished in one of the ways described in the following sections: 

  1. Open the Instagram video in your computer browser. Instead, you may use the Copy URL tool on your phone to send the link to your computer, which is available on Instagram.
  2. By right-clicking on the video, you may access the option from the context menu.
  3. Search for the download link in the source code by pressing the CTRL + F keys simultaneously.
  4. You can also access the source by right-clicking on the page and hitting view page source.
  5. Copy the page source to your computer’s clipboard.
  6. Visit IG Downloader’s private video downloader and paste the page source into the text box.
  7. Then hit the download button and wait for IG Downloader to extract the video download links from the page source.
  8. To download the file, click on the “Download” button.
  9. Choose whether you want the video file to be downloaded in high-quality mp4 format or standard quality

Get permission From The Creator To Share Their Work

Be aware that online content is protected by copyright laws, and you should always get permission from the content’s creator before copying and redistributing their work. Many artists will be delighted and grateful to have you as someone that follows them on Instagram, and it is an excellent strategy for developing strong relationships with influencers who have written nice things about your brand on their own blogs. In the absence of prior notification, they may feel forced to request that the post be removed, which might result in them developing a negative view of you and your brand.

Your brand’s social media channels will be able to distribute Instagram videos from users when you have received their authorization and completed the download of their films from the user’s Instagram account. User-generated material, such as reviews and lessons, as well as Instagram videos, are wonderful methods to promote your company while also increasing the visibility and engagement of your audience with your content.

Final words 

How to download an Instagram video and re-share it on social media is demonstrated in this tutorial. IG Downloader is the most effective tool for the job, and it requires no previous knowledge. By following the instructions in this tutorial, you will be able to download any Instagram video you wish.

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