A V part wig has a V-shaped opening at the top of the wig cap. The V part wig is also called a V-shaped wig. The V-shaped opening of the V-part wig is to leave natural hair with the wig’s hair to melt so that people can get a more natural look.

Benefits of V Part Wig

Flexible hairstyles:

You can show off without leaving your scalp, or you can leave only a few hairs, it’s up to you. Alternatively, you can choose the middle separation or side parting as per your preference.

Beginners friendly:

There is no lace in the v part wig, so when you are going to wear the v-part wig, you do not have to spend time cutting and hiding the lace. You can easily install and remove the V part wig so you can always change your hairstyle to your liking.

It is also easy and convenient to clean your scalp, and it can prevent dust, dirt and oil from accumulating on your scalp.

Reasonable price:

V part is still the cheap human hair wigs because V part wigs don’t require lace.

How to choose a v part wig?

The texture of the hair you want:

V part wigs come in different styles. They can be curly waves, body waves, water waves, deep waves, or straight. So before you buy a V part wig, you have to decide on the hairstyle that suits your shape.

Correct length:

V part wigs also come in different lengths, long, medium, short, so you have to choose the appropriate length in advance.

The right color:

There are many fashion colors for you to choose from in the wig, such as blonde, 99J, highlight, natural black, if you are new to wig, to assure you that your natural hair It is better to choose a color close to the color of. Looks as natural as possible, when you are used to wigs you can go for bold colors.

How to make a V Part Wig step by step?

Step 1: Pin the V part wig cap to the foam head, then pull the V-shaped part:

First, you can choose a wig cap and use some pins to type the wig cap on the foam head, especially the four corners. Then draw the V-shaped part on the wig cap to your liking. Although white dress maker chalk will work well here, you can also use colored eyeliner to finish the job.

Step 2: Sew the wig cap into the hair bundle:

You can use a twisted needle to pull the thick black thread across the weft. Then press the needle through the wig cap and pull it out again. Continue sewing until you reach the other side. In the sewing process, it is best to anchor the weft with a double knot on the wig cap before cutting any strings, which will be completely secure and strong.

You need to cut the weft and start your next row so that the weft will continue to be sewn on the wig cap until you reach the other side of the wig cap, just above the hem.

But you need to know that the new row needs to start 3 to 6 inches (0.64 to 1.27 cm) from the first row. Repeat this process until all the hair bundles have been sewn onto the wig cap, except for the V-shaped section.

Step 3: Remove the wig from the foam head and secure the V-shaped part:

Once you have removed the wig from the foam head, you should use the threads to sew the wafer around the wafer part line to make sure everything is completely secure.

Step 4: Cut the V-shaped part:

You can use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the wig cap along the V-shaped part lines you have drawn. Of course, please do not cut to the right of the left wafet.

Step 5: Insert the clips and adjust straps inside the V part wig cap:

We sincerely advise you to sew two combs on each side of the V-shaped part, keeping the teeth of these combs away from the V-shaped part. Also, there is nothing better than sewing three combs on either side of the nap and V part wig, away from the tooth hem.

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