How to Write a Parenting Plan

Did you know there are more than 100,000 divorces every year in the United Kingdom? Co-parenting can feel overwhelming at first, but creating a good parenting plan early on is crucial to your child’s health. If you’re curious on how to write a parenting plan, we’re here to help!

Designing your parenting schedule takes time, trial and error, and patience. Read on to learn how to design the perfect parenting schedule.

Understanding Your Child

Divorce is hard for everyone, but your child is struggling more than you can tell. No matter the children’s age, life with divorced parents is difficult to adjust to.

When co-parenting, your children should remain at the core of your schedule. Do your best to communicate with your child and see what fits them best. As parents, it’s your job to put your child’s life as the most important thing in the situation.


Working with someone you’re getting a divorce from is tricky at times. Depending on the reason for the divorce, you may have no desire to work with them. Unfortunately, such an attitude is only hurtful to everyone involved, starting with you.

It’s important to work out a compromise with your ex when designing your parenting plan. Surrender holidays you may not want to, and ask that they be willing to do the same. With a healthy amount of compromise, you can design the perfect parenting schedule.

Communicate Clearly

Clear communication is core to any deal, from business to your divorce settlements. Because of this, making sure that there’s no room for misunderstanding will help get you further than you can imagine.

Consider communicating with your former spouse to workshop a parenting plan template. You also should communicate divorce laws and legal issues as quickly as possible. To learn more about these laws, you can click right here to learn more.

Parenting Plan for Holidays

Along with healthy communication and compromises, it’s important to have a plan on how exactly you intend to have the year go. It’s a great way to make sure that you won’t have any unexpected problems.

For example, it’s likely that you can split up Mother’s and Father’s day accordingly. Birthdays are also generally easy, though you may need to compromise for the child’s birthday.

Overall, deciding these days early on can help cut down on arguments later on down the line. You should also discuss with your child whether they have a preference for which holiday they spend with which parent. It’s especially important if you and your ex live far away from each other, as your child may prefer one locale over the other.

Designing a Parenting Plan

No matter what difficulties you run into, designing a parenting plan is vital to a healthy and easy divorce. Having a plan to follow will help your child cope with the change in their life and make your own adjustment easier as well. Parenting scheduling will not only improve your mindset but your productivity during these difficult moments.

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