How to Turn a Cozy Home Into an Even Cozier Home

Warm blankets, fuzzy socks, lit candles, and a good book are all things cozy. Don’t just picture the coziness, update your space to live in it!

If your house doesn’t feel like home then you could benefit from a good smack of coziness. To have a cozier home, you’ll need to find the right things that make you feel good.

To get some inspiration, keep reading for some of our best tips.

Warm Lighting

Harsh lighting is enough to make someone feel like they are in a doctor’s office or hospital. Lighting is often the first step to creating a cozy atmosphere.

Start by assessing your current situation. Check the number of light sources, the design of each lighting fixture, and whether or not the bulbs are warm or cool.

Sometimes harsh overhead lighting cannot be changed, but you can use task lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, and candles to make sure you never have to flip that harsh lighting switch again.

The cheapest way to get a cozier home through lighting is by simply switching to warm bulbs wherever you can. This simple change alone can make a huge difference in the atmosphere.

Bring the Outdoors in

Live plants can contribute to the cozy ambiance experience and have real health benefits.

Plus, you can get creative with the planters, pots, and baskets you use to house your plants. In any room, plants and their holders can add a textural pop.

If you’re an inexperienced planter, faux plants can work as room accents as well. For those with a limited budget, your pockets will thank you for this option.

Revamp Your Floors

If your budget allows it, maple hardwood flooring is among one of the coziest flooring options out there. Hardwood is easy to clean and can refresh the vibe of your home.

If you already have hardwood floors or don’t have the cash for this home improvement project, try a beautiful rug instead. A rug can revamp the look of any room layout.

Not only will this investment look good, but placing a layer between you and the floor will make you feel cozier and warm.

Add Texture

A warm and solid room paint color is the perfect atmosphere for adding texture. Finding matching decor isn’t always easy, but sometimes mismatching items does the trick better anyway.

Not sure how to add texture to your home to make it feel cozier? Our best tip is to shop around and look for items that you feel compelled to touch. If that sounds a bit odd to you, consider these options:

These affordable ideas are among the most simple ways to make your home feel cozier.

A Cozier Home Is a Better Home

Your home is your safe haven and without the feeling of comfortability, your house won’t feel like a home. Everyone could use a cozier home to run to after a hard day at work.

The idea of coziness is different for everyone, but we hope these tips inspired you to test out a few different options or think of your own.

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