How to Trim the Perfect Goatee Beard

Goatee beard styles are the standard beard types for most men because they are effortless to style and maintain. Most men also prefer goatees because they cannot grow a full beard. Others will grow the goatee with the mustache and let them connect, creating a more significant style. 

Getting your beard trimmed by a stylist is easy, but it can be challenging when you have to do this by yourself. However, you will be able to do it comfortably after some trials. There are many beard styles to choose from. Working with pictures beside you will help in getting the perfect shape. Take a look at some steps to follow when creating your goatee beard styles. Beard wax and beard growth oil are the other products to help you tame your goatee.

The beard style guide is a list of different beard styles and the corresponding grooming products that are needed to maintain them.

Use A 10mm Comb To Trim The Beard

Attach the comb to the beard trimmer and start trimming from the neck towards the cheeks. Ensure you cut the mustache and chin area. You can change the beard trimmer to 0.5mm to ensure evenness in length across the board. Do not concentrate on the shape of the goatee at this stage. You will go back to shape it into what you like. Concentrate on the facial hair for now before moving to the goatee. 

Remove The Comb To Get An Outline

Once you are done shaping the facial hair, remove the comb and define the goatee using the beard trimmer. Start trimming from the neck upwards and move slowly until you get the perfect shape. Shape the edges too and the area around your cheeks and neck. According to MensHaircuts, this will give you the ideal goatee outline. While doing this, your beard should be getting the perfect shape, and the style should be coming through. 

Use The Precision Trimmer To Shape Your Beard

Use a precision trimmer to trim the hair from your chin to the ears for clean lines of the goatee. Do it in slow and careful strokes. Ensure you trim away from the hairline so that you don’t accidentally shave into your beard outline because this will destroy the shape you have been working to achieve. 

Do it repeatedly on the other side of the goatee. If you fancy the shape corners on your goatee style, you can add them. However, be careful with the area where the sides connect to the mustache and the chin. 

A Clean-Shaved Face Emphasizes On The Goatee

Before you finish, clean shave your neck, cheeks, and jawline. Use a razor to get a stress-free shave. This comes with the beard trimmer kit. Take better care of your skin by prepping it before the shave by splashing warm water on it and applying a shaving foam. When shaving, shave against the direction of your hair growth. Use continuous strokes repeatedly until the skin around the cheeks and neck is clean.

Moisturize And Maintain The Beard

Beard styles look healthy and great when they are well maintained and one of the best ways to achieve that is through proper moisturization using the right oils. So, after you have styled your favorite style, this ought to be the next significant step to take.

So, once all the hair is down, and you have gotten the perfect shape of a goatee, rinse your face to wash away the foam and any other shaving products used. It also helps with cleaning hair from your face. Use an alcohol-free moisturizer to protect your skin from drying. This can cause cracking and other infections. 

To maintain your beard, trim it at least once a week to ensure it is tidy. You can also do so every day, following the definition lines to reduce the work you will have to do if you wait for a week. Trimming the beard daily will also lower the rate of your hair growth. 

You can also use some beard hair products to keep your goatee moisturized and shining. A standard hair conditioner will be perfect because it also makes your beard smart and easy to style. 

Beard wax and beard oil are the other products to help you tame your goatee. Choose an excellent beard style that goes well with your face shape. The type of your hair will also influence the style, so be careful when choosing.

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