How To Successfully Market Your Business on a Budget

New businesses, whether they are small or large, often have a very limited budget for marketing the products or services provided by the company. Sometimes, there is no money at all for marketing. To provide a means of connecting with the public and introducing potential consumers to your products, you must have a way to make money – it is a truism older than time. All companies need a marketing plan, whether you’re selling engagement rings or something else. So, here are seven ways to successfully market your business on a budget.

Social Awareness

Keeping up with social media can feel almost overwhelming. That is why planning, marketing research, and tactical planning firms can be found to help with your digital marketing strategy. Creating a marketing jingle, defining a consumer base, and increasing conversion through targeted ad campaigns are all ways your company can benefit from this type of marketing strategy.

Guerilla Tactics

It may surprise you, but guerilla marketing tactics work when they are creative, brightly colored, or friendly. Try painting the side of your building, creating art on the windows, or offering a free water bottle to the first 50 people that ask about your company’s latest product line. The public does not know they are being forced to pay attention because they enjoy the outcome.

Community Involvement

Have a party with free gifts and invite everyone. Offer balloons, key chains, pens, or a fridge magnet with your company’s logo. Or you could set up a contest to see how many of the area businesses could collect cans of food for a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and offer the winner a grand prize package that includes some of your products or services. The more fun you have with this idea, the more fun others will have, too.

Valuable Information

A fresh, exciting website is critical in today’s marketing campaigns. It should be easy to navigate, informative, and contain information that draws your customers, potential consumers, and anyone else looking for products and services there. For example, if your company exterminates rodents, why not have a few pages filled with information about topics related to their home, yard, or personal life that relates back to ways your service can increase their lifestyle by removing the critters.

Old-Style Advertisement

Television, newspaper, and radio can be expensive mediums to advertise in, but there are other old-style options you should consider when beginning a marketing campaign. Consider promoting your products with window decals, bumper stickers, or car magnets. If you have a list of consumers, offer a coupon, deduction, or prize for sharing an introductory discount with a friend.

SEO Creations

Search Engine Optimization often frightens people because of the massive changes that have occurred over the past decade but do not let the keep you from participating in one of the most powerful ways you can produce a marketing campaign that introduces your products or services to millions. Create pages with content that appeals to humans with insightful and engaging information. 

Media Involvement

Thinking beyond the limits of your business can get you some amazing publicity when you involve the media. Send out a press release and then sponsor a children’s face painting, popcorn, and ice cream event for the neighborhood children, with a 10 percent discount for parents that purchase your products or sign up for services at the event. Let the media advertise a costume contest for adults with special categories – with your products as the prizes.

Blogging Entertainment

One of the best ways to get people interested in your products is to make them laugh, cry, or entertain them. How many times have you seen stories that went viral because of the emotional value it held for viewers? You can also find a blogging team to create a consistent number of blogs per week or month, or spend time on an authority domain, answering questions related to your business. 

Marketing Results

Being visible is important to any startup or small company that wants to grow but building a consumer base is also about creating a relationship. Use the tips above to reach a broader audience, and then keep them coming to your business because they want to.

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